VEKA collaborate to combat crime with intensive workshop

July 11, 2024

In a drive to support advancement of security standards in the construction industry, we proudly hosted a ‘Designing out Crime with VEKA’ day.  

We invited 17 Designing Out Crime Officers (DOCOs) from across the UK to its 400,000 sq ft production facility in Burnley, Lancashire to delve into the intricacies of security standards and showcase how we consistently achieve industry benchmarks.  

Attendees gained insights into the rigorous processes and innovative solutions that we employ to ensure we meet the highest levels of security in our window and door products.

In-depth presentations, interactive sessions and practical demonstrations highlighted our commitment to security excellence, and a detailed tour of our manufacturing facility also offered participants a first hand look at our innovative processes.

The Designing Out Crime Day particularly focused on the processes and procedures involved in a systems house attaining certification.

As industry leaders in security standards, we became the first systems house to have a full range of triple glazed products accredited to PAS24:2022 and the first Secured by Design member to achieve the feat.

In our workshop, we took a deep dive into the security standards that our products must adhere to earn the accreditation, while outlining the testing processes that prove the product quality.

“At VEKA, we are dedicated to providing industry-leading designs, and that standard includes the ultimate security capacity,” said Paul Kennington, Technical Director.  

“This event was an excellent opportunity to showcase our approach to security and collaborate with police forces from across the UK to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the processes that earn the PAS24:2022 accreditation.” 

The event provided ample opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing, fostering stronger relationships between fenestration and police forces to help combat crime through innovative design and robust security standards. 

Hazel Goss MBE, Development Officer for Secured By Design, the official police security initiative to reduce crime, said of the event: “I find days like this are invaluable to the designing out crime officers who I look after because they’re learning the ins and outs of the products, seeing the products being tested and getting an understanding of how the processes work.” 

Andy Hunton, designing out crime officer for Cumbria attended, saying: ““When we go out for situational crime prevention, giving advice to householders, we insist that they need a tested product, and you recognise security standards. Coming to see how these products have actually been manufactured is very important, because then we can say we’ve seen how it’s done, we know the reason behind the testing, and we know it’s worthwhile and resilient.”  

Police constable Callum Yule, attending from the Greater Glasgow division of Police Scotland, said: “Actually seeing a product, understanding how the product is built and constructed and considerations around testing to meet our standards helps us explain the specifications, what they mean and how it impacts on the overall home security and personal safety.”

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