Halo Rustique FlushSash Casement Windows

Expertly extruded, the system is multi-chambered with a variety of reinforcement options and thermal inserts for advanced performance, security and thermal benefits. Rustique products have been independently assessed and have achieved accreditation from the British Standards Institute -- BS6375 for weather performance and PAS024:2012 for security. Our PCE low level gasket allows quicker fabrication and installation. Choice of bead, glazing and colour options are available.
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Halo System 10 FlushSash Casement Windows

With inward or outward opening options, the FlushSash has been designed to sit flush within its frame. This product mirrors the elegant window styles of the 19th Century, making it perfect for heritage and conservation projects. Though this window may look traditional, it offers deceptively modern performance. Equipped with energy efficient, five chamber PVCU cranes with double or triple glazing options, the FlushSash comes from the System 10 suite of profiles and offers all the strength, security and energy efficiency you would expect from a Halo product. The FlushSash also provides a cost-effective solution to a range of problems associated with historic homes. With the look of traditional stained or painted timber, it needs little or no maintenance and will appear virtually indistinguishable from the property's original windows. FlushSash is also a popular choice as an aluminium alternative especially for student accommodation.
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Halo Rustique Casement Windows

Combining the authenticity of a traditional sculptured window with the modern performance benefits of PVCU, Rustique offers the ultimate solution for when aesthetics, performance and value are equally demanded. With a choice of suited single-leg beading options, ease of on-site installation, and a whole host of other innovative features designed to save time on fabrication and fitting; Rustique is designed to perform. Available in a wide range of colours and woodgrain options from our Variations range.
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Halo System 10 Casement Window

Part of the System 10 range offering complete versatility with a clean, contemporary appearance, and a fully integrated 70mm system featuring a modern bevelled design; these casement windows deliver performance and style in equal measure. Available with a variety of reinforcement options and thermal inserts for added security and thermal efficiency.
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VEKA FlushSash Casement Window

Despite its traditional appearance, its performance is anything but! Available in either 28mm double glazed units or 32mm triple glazed units, affording consumers the option of windows with impressive thermal and acoustic insulation properties.
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VEKA Matrix Fully Sculptured Casement Window

This casement window sits within the Matrix Fully Sculptured system which was designed to deliver the traditional look and feel of quality timber, whilst providing the performance benefits of PVCU. The VEKA Matrix Fully Sculptured Casement is widely chosen for its aesthetic appeal and unquestionable performance. Available in a wide range of colours and woodgrain options.
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VEKA M70 Casement Window

The M70 VEKA Casement Window sits within an integrated multi-chambered system with sections of reenforced steel and aluminium. Stylish as well as functional; the M70 VEKA casement window is available in a range of sash sizes (top hung, side hung, and fixed light) as well as a large assortment of colours and woodgrain options from our Variations range. With its durability, security and thermal efficiency alongside its pleasing aesthetics, the M70 VEKA Casement window offers a high performance product solution to fit a range of applications.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our PVCu casement windows offer a range of benefits compared to other materials like wood, fibreglass & aluminium, mainly that they are energy efficient and weather-tight windows. The high-quality PVCu eco-friendly materials used in our products result in windows and doors that are very low maintenance in turn reducing costs for the end client. 

Yes — We offer fabricators an indicative in-house testing facility for all of our casement windows (as well as all other window and door products). We also work closely with hardware and component manufacturers to ensure that our products not only meet, but exceed all British standards including security, weather testing or cyclic testing.

Yes — At VEKA UK, we offer some of the most energy efficient frames on the market today. The UK’s first BFRC A-rated PVCu window was VEKA, and our TwinSash system boasts an industry leading U-value of just 0.62 W/m2K. 

A casement window is a type of window that is commonly attached to its frame via multiple hinges— a versatile option that is perfect for all commercial and residential buildings. VEKA Casement Windows allow for the production of top hung and side hung casements to accept a full range of hardware. This enables full compliance with all the latest building regulations as well as adherence to the latest product testing standards. VEKA casement windows are also high performance and durable to all weather conditions.

Both VEKA and Halo casement windows are regarded as two of the best quality systems on the market. They are both made in the same factory, to the same British Standards, but have different aesthetics. The choice between the two is simply personal preference. 

Casement windows have always been a popular choice for homes and buildings across the UK. The reliability of the multi-hinge and relative ease of installation make the casement window a go-to choice for installers and homeowners alike. Additional features can be added including mock horns and Georgian bars to our casement windows.