From stunning Bi-Fold doors to practical Lift and Slide doors, we offer an outstanding portfolio of products to meet even the most rigorous demands for residential, commercial or public sector projects.

We relentlessly apply testing and quality control to ensure our doors not only meet, but exceed all British standards including; security, weather testing and cyclic corrosion testing.
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Bi-fold Doors

Bi-Folds doors are a beautiful and functional solution well-suited to both commercial and residential properties—our Bi-Fold doors can be specified as both a room divider or as a wide opening to blend outside and inside spaces. With a range of options for customisation and innovative design to ensure minimal use of space; they can be tailored to fit nearly any requirement.

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Patio Doors

Our Patio Doors have been designed to offer the pinnacle of aesthetic appearance, durability, and security. We embrace the latest technology and highest standards of hardware to provide market-leading patio door solutions that deliver stunning looks, innovative functionality and unmatched performance. 

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Residential and French Doors

Residential and French Doors can be specified with a choice of 70mm bevelled or sculptured profile systems from VEKA and Halo perfectly matching with the windows. The PVCu doors are available in a variety of styles, can be inward or outward opening and have multiple glazing options providing a versatile solution for any type of building. 

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SmartFold Doors

Our SmartFold Door system is an innovative product solution for a folding and sliding door with minimal intrusion into the living space. Each door sash can be moved individually anywhere along the concealed tracks with the option to stack the door sashes at either side of the frame. This allows the doors to be partially opened or closed, thus enabling a multitude of opening options. SmartFold has a contemporary bevelled design with the option of bevelled or sculptured glazing beads. 

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Product updates

Complacency isn’t in our DNA. We’re driven by an innovative culture that thrives on improvement and development. We consistently update and evolve our product range and service offering to set, and re-set, industry standards from creating the first A-rated window in the UK and launching our pioneering recycling scheme, to more recently developing SPECTRAL — our groundbreaking patented technology that creates an extraordinary finish that simply cannot be matched by any other matt PVCU on the market.