Network VEKA has the Online Tools for the Job says Frames Conservatories Direct

April 8, 2015

undefinedMaking the most of the Network’s unrivalled marketing support, the company turned to its Web Tools offering to create an instant-quote-generating price engine for the Frames Conservatories Direct website.

Managing Director Adrian Lewis explains: “The price engine has proved a massive aid to our sales process. We receive about 15% of sales enquiries via the website and, of all our lead-generating activities, the price engine boasts the highest conversion rate – currently standing at around 47%.

“The double glazing industry has long been plagued by a bad reputation, inherited from the unscrupulous traders of the 1980s and ’90s. We’re proud to be part of Network VEKA – an organisation established to restore confidence in the industry – and we’ve found that customers love the independence that the price engine offers when researching a quote. It also gives a great first impression of our company as we are able to give an indication of price upfront.

“Consumers are increasingly going online for all sorts of purchases – from low-cost items like music and books to life-changing investments like cars and homes. Customers want the buying process to work for them and, using the price engine, they get just that. There’s no need leave the comfort of home, no pressure from sales consultants or telemarketers, and no waiting around for your quote.

“The interface couldn’t be simpler, guiding users through style, size, material and colour options to arrive at a ‘ballpark’ figure for the work they’d like done. When we then discuss the quote further – over the phone or in person, at our showroom or their home – we know there’s a starting point that the customer is comfortable with. The first call – made within 24 hours of a quote – is always very positive and ‘warm’ as customers already have a good feeling about our business.”

Adrian describes how Frames Conservatories Direct has used the price engine in its marketing efforts: “With a price-driven campaign such as a sale, we direct customers straight to the price engine from the ‘sale’ page of our website as it’s clear, in those cases, that bargain prices are at the forefront of the user’s mind. In more product or benefit-driven campaigns – energy efficiency or added security, for example – we’ll use the online quote generator as one of several available calls-to-action.

“Some of the negative feelings customers have about home improvement projects can be overcome by experimenting with the online price engine. We’ve found that making it a lead feature in our advertising has met with great responses. In fact, through customer feedback, it’s clear that it’s a hit overall!”

Companies interested in learning more about Network VEKA’s package of Web Tools and how they can boost business can view a series of helpful videos at the organisation’s Toolbox website.

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