Leading PVC Suppliers & Manufacturers

Leading PVC Suppliers & Manufacturers

450 x 525

Industry-leading VEKA stands for trust, quality and innovation in the PVCU supplier world

VEKA, for more than five decades, has been at the forefront of the PVCU window industry. The world’s largest manufacturer of extruded PVCU products, our outstanding reputation revolves around a passion for unrivalled quality, backed by an unrelenting commitment to design, innovation and customer care.

Headquartered in Germany, subsidiaries can now be found in more than 40 countries spanning Europe, Asia and America. Despite this prestigious global standing, community values remain at the heart of a family owned firm, where German heritage and premium British craftsmanship merge seamlessly.

VEKA plc, the UK arm of the company, and best known for the VEKA and Halo profile suites, continues to raise the bar in terms of technical skill, cutting-edge design and eye-catching style.
This constant pursuit of excellence has brought numerous industry awards over the years. Highlights have included winning the ‘Manufacturing Business’ and ‘Large Business’ categories at the Red Rose Awards as well as ‘Employer of the Year’ at the Burnley Business Awards.
And with unwavering dedication to product improvement, staff development and customer support, VEKA will continue to evolve with the market for years to come.

Our PVC Windows & Doors Collections

460 x 525

VEKA demands perfection at every step of the production journey.

The market-leading window and door systems we manufacture surpass the highest of standards, but never at the expense of flexibility or style.

As a long-established PVCU windows supplier, we understand better than most the need for quality, efficiency and reliability, with a capacity to deliver A-rated weather-proof windows across residential and commercial projects.

Our VEKA Windows range, from Casement to Fully Reversible and everything in-between, balances functionality with style for optimal versatility.

Key features include:

  • Timeless VEKA Casement Windows.
  • Unparalleled flexibility and performance.
  • Easy to clean options.
  • Ideal for high-rise buildings
  • Perfect for contemporary and traditional properties.
VEKA FlushSash Casement W...

Despite its traditional appearance, its performance is anything but! Available in either 28mm double glazed units or 32...

VEKA Fully Reversible Win...

Ideal for multi-story properties, the 180-degree reversible opening mechanism pivots within the axis of the hinge witho...

VEKA Matrix Fully Sculptu...

This casement window sits within the Matrix Fully Sculptured system which was designed to deliver the traditional look ...

For uncompromising innovation, our Halo Windows offer high-quality systems in a range of colours and finishes perfect for all manner of applications.

Key features include:
Distinctive looks.
Market-leading innovation.
Suitable for local housing and retail to commercial and trade.
Tilt and Turn Window options.
Impressive thermal performance.

Windows are only part of the VEKA story. From stunning Bi-Fold designs right through to functional Lift and Slide doors, we put the same amount of effort and energy into our role as an esteemed PVC door supplier.

Our range of Halo Doors provide inspirational individuality and uncompromising performance, rigorously tested to meet all British standards.

Key features include:
Market-leading technology.
Modern appearance.
Innovative System 10 and Rustique ranges.
Stunning Residential and French Doors
Variety of Smartfold Door designs.

Halo Rustique Casement Wi...

Combining the authenticity of a traditional sculptured window with the modern performance benefits of PVCU, Rustique of...

Halo Rustique Tilt and Tu...

Ideal for when the authentic look and feel of a traditional sculptured window is desired, but the functionality and per...

Halo Rustique Smartfold D...

The Halo Rustique SmartFold Door system is an innovative product solution for a folding and sliding door with minimal in...

460 x 300

The Imagine Doors collection delivers astounding attention to detail on top of supreme security aspects.

Key features include:

  • Contemporary-looking Flush Door with Part M component low threshold.
  • Bi-Fold Door boasting a choice of 19 configurations.
  • Patio Door in bevelled or sculptured sashes, with extra security.
  • Lift & Slide Door offering a wide range of design and opening options.
Independent Network

For Fabricators and Installers

As the VEKA brand has continued to flourish over the years, so has support from fabricators and installers up and down the country. 

Premium products are nothing without premium service, and that is precisely what VEKA promises.

Fabricators know they are receiving the highest quality, most energy-efficient frames on the market to work with. But more than that, they know they are part of a team that places trust above all else. 

VEKA does not fabricate windows or doors, we leave that to our valued customers, customers who can rely on our support every step of the way, from extrusion to project completion. 

Our dedicated transport fleet ensures prompt delivery to anywhere in the country, while experienced VEKA staff go above and beyond in terms of after service. 

That same level of care is afforded to installers, who by joining our award-winning Independent Network can become members of a trusted 25-year-old organisation that provides peace of mind and second to none support. 

A free to join service, the recognition that comes with being listed as one of VEKA’s premier installers is complemented by a raft of benefits. 

Independent Network does more than connect fabricators and installers, it gives customers use of the VEKA/Halo branding, vital industry information, the ability to track your team’s performance, training, award events and much more.  

We’re extremely proud to have played a part in helping so many businesses grow, and look forward to even more joining our ever-expanding network in the coming years.


Our ranges to watch

Time does not stand still, and nor does VEKA.

From creating the first A-rated window in the UK to launching a groundbreaking recycling scheme, driving innovation is in our DNA.

While we are immensely proud of the history and tradition tied to the VEKA name, we are resolute in our determination to stay ahead of the game as our industry as the world moves forward.

This appetite for advancement is reflected in our ever-evolving range of products. 

All VEKA frames meet BSI Kitemark standards, come complete with 10-year guarantees, and are certified to ISO 9001:2015. 

The quality is unquestionable. And so is the style.

Our range of FlushSash Windows take inspiration from traditional timber joinery, allowing the sash to sit flush in the frame for a contemporary look with cutting edge PVCU performance.

VEKA’s Fully Reversible Windows, perfect for high rise buildings, provide easy and secure access and are available in a fantastic selection of colours and wood grain options.

For the best thermal and acoustic performance around, our Halo Rustique Twin Sash Window and Halo System 10 Twin Sash Window are the only A-Rated noise reduction windows on the market, making them a must for developments in high-noise areas. 

Bi-Fold Doors remove the barrier between the outside and the inside, improving the natural flow of a property.

Our Imagine Bi-Fold Door is a stunning design statement that brings functionality and style to any residential or commercial development, while allowing maximum natural light in.