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The complete guide to casement window hardware
Understanding casement window hardware - Why is it important? When you’re asked what the most popular window type is in the UK, we’re willing to bet ‘casement’ is…
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Double glazed windows vs laminated glass – Which to choose?
It’s always great to have options in life – and the same goes for when you’re replacing the windows in your home. Double glazing is the go-to choice…
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Are windows installed from the inside or the outside?
Getting new windows is a fantastic way of giving your home a brand new look without costing the earth. One of the most common questions we come across…


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What is the maximum gap around UPVC windows?
You may well be used to seeing ‘mind the gap’ at train station platforms.  But if you’re installing PVCU windows, they’re three words that are very much worth…
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What does the future look like for increased sustainability in installation?
Regardless of the industry we work in, sustainability is quickly becoming the beating heart of many a business operation. And as we move through 2024, the importance of…
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Replacing windows in conservation areas (what you need to be aware of)
Conservation areas are designated locations recognised for their special architectural, historical or cultural significance. They are typically subject to strict regulations aimed at protecting and preserving their character…


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Window technologies in 2024 — Emerging trends to watch
If you're not moving forward, you're moving backwards. An old adage that rings truer than ever in the fenestration industry.  Windows have come a long way since their…
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Are building regulations changing for window installers in 2024?
While building regulations won’t technically be changing this year, the Future Homes Standard for new build homes will become mandatory in England in 2025. And that will bring…
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UPVC Door Panels – Choosing the right panel type
Why is choosing the right type of door panel so important? Doors can make a big difference to buildings. We know they provide security and warmth, but more…