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Why are composite doors a great choice for homeowners?

January 3, 2023

What are composite doors?

Choice is one of the most important factors within our industry.

And this is precisely what composite doors offer to people who may be looking for something a little different.

Whereas UPVC doors are made out of one specific material, composite doors are manufactured using numerous materials; this can include UPVC, wood, insulating foam and glass reinforced plastic, all of which are pressed and glued together.

You will still find a large number of homeowners opting for UPVC. Its position as the UK’s most popular door material is undisputed thanks to an unrivalled balance of security, style, insulation, and cost.

Composite doors do represent a more expensive choice, but what they afford homeowners is an attractive, robust design with excellent insulation and supreme weather resistance.

We wanted to delve further into some of these features, so that the next time you’re speaking with a homeowner you’re able to offer them a fuller picture.

Why are composite doors the ideal choice for homeowners?

They’re secure. Most homeowners value security above all else, which is why composite doors may be an option they’d be interested in exploring. While UPVC is an extremely strong and resilient material in its own right, when used within the multi-layered composition of composite doors, it helps to create one of the safest and most secure doors on the market, especially when combined with state-art-of-art locking mechanisms.

No shortage of modern design options. More than ever these days home is where the ‘art’ is, with homeowners placing great emphasis on interior design. Composite doors may be incredibly durable, but that’s definitely not at the expense of style. They’re modern, pleasing on the eye, and come in a wide range of colours and styles (providing no shortage of customisation options).

They keep out the cold, and the noise. It sometimes feels like our British winters last the vast majority of the year. With composite doors, it doesn’t matter how many wintry blasts hit a property, these excellent thermal insulators are superb at keeping the cold air out while trapping the warm air in. This is backed up by their excellent sound proofing qualities, making them ideal for homeowners who live in noisy neighbourhoods.

Low maintenance. Who doesn’t want an easier life? Composite doors require minimal upkeep when compared to other materials such as timber. All homeowners need in order to keep them looking new and pristine is a soft cloth and a bucket of warm soapy water. They won’t fade, crack or warp either, so when you are installing one on a property you do so safe in the knowledge it will be a very long time before you’re back replacing it.

They add value to a property. There’s no doubt composite doors bring a real wow factor to any property they adorn. Homeowners may not realise it, but if or when they come to sell, the money they spent fitting the doors will almost certainly be made back, with interest. Plus, they look fantastic in photos, too.


Composite doors may no longer be a trade secret, but it’s still UPVC that reigns supreme when it comes to homeowners and their doors.

The VEKA brand is renowned for the highest quality UPVC profiles, backed by exceptional choice. Our range of stylish doors provide superb solutions to all manner of projects, no matter the setting.

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