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Reinforcement in UPVC Windows – What you need to know

April 25, 2023

Are UPVC window frames reinforced?

UPVC windows can be reinforced with galvanised steel to make them even more secure and durable. 

On its own, UPVC is an extremely strong and long-lasting material more than capable of withstanding the harshest of elements.

It does not get damaged by rain, snow, heat, and will never rot, peel, crack or warp.

What the addition of steel can do is offer an extra layer of strength to the profile, ensuring the frames will retain their shape and size no matter the environmental impacts. 

Wind is one of the most destructive forces a building can face, and windows are one of the first lines of defence. 

Trust in the product you are installing, therefore, is imperative. 

That is why VEKA provides wind load calculations to all installers, free of charge, in order to assist with the specification and the costing of projects.

The calculations provide evidence that the design and the components present are able to withstand the worst case wind speeds of the last 50 years.

Can UPVC windows be further reinforced?  

Security and durability should be at the forefront of every installer’s mind. After all, along with style, those are two of the most essential aspects any customer will be thinking about. 

UPVC is highly resilient, that is unquestionable. And reinforcement will only bolster its already remarkable structural integrity.

VEKA windows come with the option for steel reinforcement and a variety of multi-point locking systems that make them among the safest and securest systems on the market. 

No extra reinforcement is necessary. And we’re confident in saying that because of the extensive testing all our designs undergo. 

In fact, we pride ourselves on just how closely we work with hardware and component manufacturers to ensure our products not only meet, but exceed all British standards when it comes to security and weather testing. 

Which VEKA window systems offer the greatest level of security?

We’re committed to offering the highest levels of security across all our window systems. 

It doesn’t matter whether a customer opts for casement, tilt and turn, fully reversible, FlushSash or TwinSash, each design incorporates multi-point locking systems that ensure a ‘weakest point of entry’ doesn’t exist. 

Each one of our products is certified PAS 24, a rigorous security standard that entails thorough testing to assess how a window would hold up to the threat of an opportunistic burglar. They’ve also been awarded Police Preferred Specification status.

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