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Why is UPVC used for windows and doors?

January 3, 2023

Why is UPVC often the go-to option for windows and doors?

If you’ve ever shown even a passing interest in windows or doors the chances are you will have heard of UPVC.

What you may not have heard about UPVC is how it’s become the go-to-option for many developers.

This is down to the wide range of benefits it can bring to homeowners when compared to other materials.

UPVC frames are long-lasting, extremely energy efficient, not susceptible to rotting like timber can be, and are immensely low maintenance.

Extremely practical, UPVC can cope with the harshest of weather conditions, while offering exceptional safety and security features. It also offers a smooth, modern stylish finish that comes in a range of colours for optimal customisation.

Advances in manufacturing technology around UPVC mean it is only going to continue to grow in both performance and popularity.

What are the benefits of UPVC windows and doors?

1. Incredibly durable. UPVC is an extremely strong, highly resilient material that can withstand the most extreme of environments. It stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride and is made when molten UPVC is moulded, then quickly cooled to solidify its shape. This rigid shape is retained for years to come, making it ideal for construction. Doors and windows manufactured with UPVC will not rust, rot or flake, and are more likely to outlast frames made using other materials. Its extreme durability also means you are also less likely to face ongoing costs.

2. Built for all weather conditions. Nobody can predict what the glorious British weather is going to do next. One of UPVC’s biggest advantages over other materials, such as timber and aluminium, is its ability to cope with anything the climate can throw at it. While timber is susceptible to rot, and metals can rust, UPVC is able to handle wind, rain, hail and sun due to its effective weather-proofing properties. This makes it an ideal choice for many homes.

3. Low maintenance. UPVC doors and UPVC windows are incredibly easy to clean. In most cases, a simple wipe with a sponge or a soft cloth will remove any dirt or stubborn stains. The frames don’t need painting or sealing, and won’t require regular sanding or varnishing. Colours won’t fade either, not even in the strongest sunlight.

4. Outstanding noise reduction. Noise pollution can turn a dream home into a nightmare. UPVC though can turn windows and doors into soundproof barriers, blocking out noise due to its incredible conducting properties and the airtight seal that is formed with the frame. Double glazed UPVC windows can cut down noise by as much as 70%, making them a popular choice for properties near airports, train lines, schools or busy traffic routes.

5. Energy efficient. UPVC, unlike metal, is a low conductor of heat that when fitted properly will minimise the amount of warm air leaving a property. The close seal, formed between window and frame, also helps prevent draughts from entering the home. Improved thermal insulation not only assists in combating rising energy bills, it also reduces a property’s carbon footprint.

6. Safe and secure. The ultra-light, yet sturdy UPVC provides a high level of security on its own, before we even factor in the variety of ultra secure locking mechanisms it can be used alongside. As UPVC will not rot or rust either, door and window frames won’t deteriorate quickly, meaning they should remain a robust fitting for many years.

7. Multitude of designs. UPVC allows for a variety of designs – casement, flush sash, fully reversible, tilt and turn – all fully customisable in different colours, finishes and sizes. This expansive suite of options is a designers’ dream, meeting all residential requirements, from traditional right through to contemporary.

8. Incredibly cost-effective. UPVC windows and UPVC doors can be relatively low cost in comparison to other materials such as aluminium, fibreglass and timber. While prices may vary depending on the quality, design or security features of the windows and doors, UPVC’s excellent energy efficiency and unrivalled durability makes it hugely cost-effective for a large number of projects. UPVC is also a lot less costly to maintain in the long term.


VEKA has been at the forefront of UPVC window and door manufacturing for more than five decades, spearheading all aspects of production from design and innovation to sustainability and customer support.

UPVC offers customers style, improved security and better efficiency, all features that are wrapped up in VEKA’s state-of-the-art, industry-leading products.

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