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The 10 benefits of bi-fold doors

January 3, 2023

Bi-fold doors are not only a fantastic way of modernising a property through their stylish, innovative design.

They can also significantly improve quality of life, thanks to their ability to blend seamlessly the outside and the in.
Unlike more traditional slide doors, bi-folds are made up of several panels that simultaneously slide and fold back on themselves, concertina-style, to open up the entire doorway.

The frames, which tend to be made out of UPVC or aluminium, hold large panes of glass that deliver unobstructed, wide-ranging views while maximising space, and natural light.

As they can be collapsed back on themselves, bi-folding doors take up very little room, and can be used as an internal room divider as well as a breathtaking way of connecting a property to the outside.

The 10 main benefits of bi-fold doors

  1. Energy efficient. Bi-fold doors are highly efficient insulators. As long as they are expertly fitted, and made with the highest quality materials, bi-folds should let less heat escape than conventional patio doors, meaning cosier winters and lower energy bills. Combined with the thermal efficiency of double or triple glazing, they are one of the most eco-friendly options available on the market.
  2. Stylish and modern. That smooth opening mechanism can add an extra design dimension to any location. Bi-folds provide stunning, sleek aesthetics that while uncompromisingly modern, don’t look out of place in more traditional settings. Their streamlined appearance, especially when enhanced by a neat, flush-fitting finish, delivers a real style statement.
  3. Space saving. Bi-folding doors are a superb space-saving solution. The fact they easily collapse back on themselves means they can take up very little room; ideal for those homes where space is at a premium. They’re a lot slimmer and a lot less conspicuous than traditional patio doors, and when fully opened can create the illusion of space even in compact areas.
  4. Safety and security. There’s a common misconception that bi-folds are not as secure as their French or patio counterparts. That’s certainly not the case. Highly secure locking mechanisms spread over multiple track points ensure bi-folds offer excellent protection from intruders. Double or triple glazing will, as well as boosting thermal efficiency, further increase their level of security.
  5. Natural light. Bi-fold doors are probably most renowned for their ability to transform an entire wall into one big window, flawlessly merging the indoor and the out. Their striking ceiling-to-floor design, combined with smaller frames and large glass panels, maximise the amount of sunlight entering a room, whether they’re fully open or closed. And for those who love watching the world go by, they also provide incredibly expansive views.
  6. Low maintenance. The complex operating mechanism behind bi-fold doors may look like it requires engineer-level upkeep, but that’s not actually the case. As long as the doors are expertly fitted, and the tracks are kept clear of dirt, they should last for years without issue. Bi-folds made with UPVC are even easier to maintain than other materials: UPVC is not prone to rotting or flaking, like other materials, and can be easily wiped down with just a soft cloth or sponge.
  7. Ventilation. There’s nothing quite like a blast of fresh summer air during the warmer months. Bi-fold doors offer supreme ventilation when compared to other designs. Once fully opened they bring the whole world in, optimising the amount of air that will flow through a property. The fact they can be opened in a variety of different ways also gives homeowners the ability to choose their desired level of ventilation.
  8. Versatility and flexibility. Folding doors come in such a variety of designs and configurations, homeowners will have a hard time not letting their imagination run wild. While many still view them as external doors, bi-folds can actually be utilised as stylish room dividers, the possibility for extremely low thresholds helping to safely liven up any living space. The many different opening options only add to their immense flexibility.
  9. Lightweight. Opening doors should never be a struggle. Bi-folds, when installed correctly, are extremely easy to operate, and require very little force to initiate sliding or folding. The smooth glide action, in spite of that sturdy construction, ensures supreme practicality. Bi-folds constructed using UPVC are even more lightweight, another big advantage especially during the installation process.
  10. Add value to a property. Bi-folds doors aren’t just a stylish upgrade, they’re an investment. The addition of high-quality bi-folds to a property can lead to its value immediately trending in an upwards direction. They also suit any style of house. From old Victorian homes to contemporary properties, their modern, sleek design offers eye-catching elegance wherever they’re placed.


VEKA’S Imagine bi-fold doors deliver unrivalled modern sophistication thanks to stylish features and a beautiful flush finish. Functional, but also versatile, our bi-folds come with a choice of 19 configurations providing optimal adaptability for any setting.
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