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Are casement windows secure?

January 3, 2023

‘Are casement windows secure?’ is a question we hear regularly.

Yes, they are, In fact, they’re widely considered as one of the most secure systems on the market.

This is because the second you close a casement window, it cannot be opened from the outside.

With the sash pressed tight against the frame, an airtight seal is formed meaning not even a crowbar can be used to pry it open.
In addition to this, the hook-shaped arm on a standard casement window lock is embedded in the frame, making it tamper-proof.
Such is the configuration, the only way a potential intruder can enter a building through a casement window is by smashing the glass.

What makes a casement window safe?

The frames are tamper-proof. Modern casement windows have a multi-point locking system that comes encased within the sash making it virtually impossible to interfere with, and therefore a deterrent to any would-be burglars. Due to the fact the window sits tight to the frame when closed, outside manipulation through the use of tools is also out of the question.

Additional security features can be added. Standard casement windows are incredibly secure, without the need for additional hardware. However, a wide variety of different locking mechanisms and hinges can be installed to boost the level of security. Double or triple glazing will obviously add an extra layer of protection, while further reinforcement options like the installation of bars or grilles can always be considered.

Design acts as a deterrent. The classic aesthetics of the casement design is one of the reasons they remain such a popular window in the UK. It is their flexibility and versatility that allows them to fit seamlessly into any building; modern or historic, commercial or residential. The striking design also has its benefits from a security standpoint, as casement windows actually look difficult to break into. In fact, when closed, to view from the outside they don’t even appear accessible, which may deter any burglars seeking out easy entry.


Securing a property is without doubt one of the most important things any homeowner can do.

Casement windows are designed and manufactured with this in mind.

Optimal protection aside, they also provide excellent ventilation, are highly energy efficient and possess one of the smoothest opening mechanisms out there.

The VEKA Casement Windows range boasts all these features, and come in a range of stylish and versatile designs that allow for maximum personalisation.

Aesthetics aside, all our systems are rigorously tested to guarantee they not only meet the latest, most stringent testing standards, but surpass them.

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