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Yes. That is the great thing about the software, it’s easy to use and allows the user to perform tasks in a quick and efficient way.

No, VEKA is a UPVC extrusion manufacturer, we manufacture the UPVC profile that is then used by fabricators to make windows and doors which can then be installed into your home, we don’t manufacture any windows or doors at VEKA. Follow the link below to find a local installer of our products and services. Click here to find your nearest installerOr visit our homeowner site here.

Products from the VEKA Group are designed specifically for the UK market. With 35 manufacturing plants worldwide, products from each plant are manufactured and designed specifically for geographical market. Our global HQ, VEKA AG is situated in Germany and will be able to assist with global exports.

VEKA is a UPVC extrusion manufacturer, we have designed some of the most advanced systems produced by fabricators today. Follow the link below to find a local recommended supplier of our products and services. Click here to find your nearest installer.

Four specially trained technical service engineers are at hand to solve any on-site problems that fabricators may encounter. Fabricators, installers, building contractors, architects and specifiers can download technical information on the product range at the touch of a button. Once you have registered we will keep you updated on any changes with technical downloads so you can rest assured you will always have the most up to date documents. Our technical team based in Burnley are also on hand for technical enquiries please email technical@veka.com or call 01282 725360.

PVC windows and doors can be cleaned with warm soapy water.

Through our ongoing development and testing we can recommend solutions to satisfy the huge scope of requirements for both domestic and commercial projects. Initial type test results and capabilities can be found on our BSI Kitemark License here. If you are unable to find evidence of a standard you are looking to achieve please contact one of the members of our team for advice.

Yes. Projects created by one user can be viewed or shared to aid collaborative working.

Fabricators can access wall charts for VEKA or Halo parts here, if you are not a fabricator and need a part number please contact a member of the technical team  email technical@veka.com or call 01282 725360.

Simply register on the VEKA UK site and select the WinDo diamond in the dashboard or, if you’re already registered, go to your dashboard and click on the WinDo Plan diamond. This will send a request to our technical team who will review your request and provide you with access.

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