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Click here for a PDF of minimum and maximum opening sizes for all our products. If the sizing is not appropriate for your project, tooling may be altered to suit your needs. Find an installer today. Link to Independent Network find an installer.

The number of chambers a profile system has affects how the U Value or energy rating is calculated but does not dictate it. A three chamber system can achieve a comparable range of results of a five chamber system dependant on the overall specification or mix of components used. For advice on the best system to meet any requirements please ask a suitably qualified surveyor or installer. Click here to find your nearest installer

Stains or marks on PVC windows or doors that cannot be removed with warm soapy water may be removed with a non-abrasive domestic cleaner. However, these may not be used to excess as they may affect the gloss finish. For products with a colour or woodgrain finish, you will need to contact your installer to recommend a product for cleaning the products.

TwinSash has superb thermal and acoustic performance with sound reduction up to 50dB. Triple glazing is also an option. We recommend talking to your local installer.

In the unfortunate event of a problem occurring with your installation, contact the installer of your products in the first instance.

VEKA UK is based in the UK for UK customers only, to manufacture VEKA windows and doors anywhere else in the world please contact your VEKA in your region. View our global map here.

You will be notified within two working hours whether you have been approved for access or we need more information to approve your access.

Please note our working hours are 8.30am-5pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)

Please check your spam or junk email folders.

For further help or assistance please contact us. Link to contact us form

VEKA Group has a range of doors including Residential Doors, Imagine Bi-Fold Door, Imagine Patio Door and the Imagine French Door. Fill in this form specifying ‘Doors’ to find installers in your area.  Click here to find your nearest installer.

CAD blocks designed for architectural drawings or 3rd party product development can be found here. Section details for use in machinery programming or tooling can be found here.

Yes. Projects created by one user can be viewed or shared to aid collaborative working.

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