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Many of our I.N. members have their own showrooms. Please contact your local installer directly and they will be happy to assist.

Our advanced on-site laboratory and multi-component mixing plant enables us to develop and test customer specific formulations in-house plus we can carry out trial runs of  compound on site using our own extruders prior to sending to customers for their own trials.

WinDoPlan is VEKA’s exclusive tool that offers instant access to thermal calculations whenever and where ever you need it!

The number of chambers a profile system has affects how the U Value or energy rating is calculated but does not dictate it. A three chamber system can achieve a comparable range of results of a five chamber system dependant on the overall specification or mix of components used. For advice on the best system to meet any requirements please ask a suitably qualified surveyor or installer. Click here to find your nearest installer

CAD blocks designed for architectural drawings or 3rd party product development can be found here. Section details for use in machinery programming or tooling can be found here.

Any! If it can be extruded from rigid PVC-U then we can most likely extrude it, but typically our materials and processes are suited to products such as electrical conduit and trunking, decking, fencing and barriers for a wide range of applications, construction products, caravans, park homes and modular buildings, as well as the window and door systems that we are best know for.

VEKA plc extrudes profile for the manufacture of windows and doors. You will need to contact your installer to find out which hardware manufacturer their fabricator used. You can normally check your hardware for manufacturer branding.

Based on an average person’s stride it takes about 15-20 minutes to walk one mile and is equivalent to roughly 2000 steps.

We don’t own any trade counters or fabricators, nor do we fabricate windows or doors. We are here to fully support you. It is a partnership in every sense of the word; one that is built on shared values, trust and respect.

It is important that any frame, window or door is installed to the appropriate British standard.  Additional installation advice is available to installers for some of our more specialist systems but for generic please refer to the GGF (Glass & Glazing Federation) website. Visit here for more information. 

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