Independent Network

Why Independent Network?

Independent Network installers are vetted and audited on a regular basis to ensure that they are meeting and exceeding industry standards. Independent Network is a member’s organisation that started in 1996 with the aim to improve the standards and reputation of double glazing installers. 20 years later, Independent Network had 1 billion happy homeowners in the UK with a customer satisfaction rating of 97%. The Variations range is the largest offering of colour and woodgrain options in the market. With 29 foil options there’s a colour solution for any type of home whether it be modern and contemporary or heritage and traditional. Our extensive product range means that we have a product for any possible project, VEKA windows and doors a low maintenance, energy efficient offering to traditional timber windows. Click here to find out more.


I’m a homeowner, can I come and visit your showroom?

We have a showroom dedicated to the trade, your local installer or their fabricator will have a showroom with the products available for you to view.


Can I have a hard copy of your brochures?

Of course, simply email admin@inveka.co.uk with your name and address and your brochure request.


What is the ten year guarantee?

The Independent Network 10 year insurance-backed guarantee protects your investment in the unlikely event that a Independent Network installer ceases trading. Both your deposit and payment is protected as well as the assurance that your products will be installed to the highest standards. Click here for more information.


Homeowner Product questions answered…


I’m a homeowner & I need new windows or doors, who can give me some advice?

VEKA is a UPVC extrusion manufacturer, we have designed some of the most advanced systems produced by fabricators today. Follow the link below to find a local recommended supplier of our products and services. Click here to find your nearest installer.


Where can I get a VEKA door from?

VEKA Group has a range of doors including Residential Doors, Imagine Bi-Fold Door, Imagine Patio Door and the Imagine French Door. Fill in this form specifying ‘Doors’ to find installers in your area.  Click here to find your nearest installer. 


Where can I find the minimum and maximum opening sizes for windows and doors?

Click here for a PDF of minimum and maximum opening sizes for all our products. If the sizing is not appropriate for your project, tooling may be altered to suit your needs. Find an installer today. Link to Independent Network find an installer.


Can you have different colours on either side of the window/door?

Yes. There are 29 colour and woodgrain options available on all products from the VEKA Group. You’ll need to speak to your local installer about what options they can recommend for your property. To request a Variations swatch book showing our full colour range simply email ukwebsite@veka.com with your name and address stating ‘Swatch book’ or use the contact us form here selecting marketing.


I need to replace my hardware for my window, can I get this from VEKA?

VEKA Group extrudes profile for the manufacture of windows and doors. You will need to contact your installer to find out which hardware manufacturer their fabricator used. You can normally check your hardware for manufacturer branding.


Can you recommend an installer that installs a particular product?

If you would like products from a particular system, we can recommend an installer in your area who installs the exact product you are looking for. Fill in the Find an Installer form or contact salesenquiry@veka.com for more information.


How do I go about cleaning my windows?

PVC windows and doors can be cleaned with warm soapy water.


How can I find the right products for my home?

VEKA Group has a range of systems each with a set of products designed specifically for the UK market. Click this link for an installer in your area who will be able to recommend a product for your project. We also have a range of brochures detailing information on each product available and a dedicated homeowner site. Link to brochures link to Independent Network website.


I’m a homeowner can I buy new windows from you?

No, VEKA is a UPVC extrusion manufacturer, we manufacture the UPVC profile that is then used by fabricators to make windows and doors which can then be installed into your home, we don’t manufacture any windows or doors at VEKA. Follow the link below to find a local installer of our products and services. Click here to find your nearest installer. Or visit our homeowner site here.


Customer Questions

I have a problem with my installation, what should I do?

In the unfortunate event of a problem occurring with your installation, contact the installer of your products in the first instance.


I have a mark on my windows that I can’t remove with soap and water, can you recommend a product?

Stains or marks on PVC windows or doors that cannot be removed with warm soapy water may be removed with a non-abrasive domestic cleaner. However, these may not be used to excess as they may affect the gloss finish. For products with a colour or woodgrain finish, you will need to contact your installer to recommend a product for cleaning the products.


I live in a very noisy area, can you recommend a product?

TwinSash has superb thermal and acoustic performance with sound reduction up to 50dB. Triple glazing is also an option. We recommend talking to your local installer.


Website Questions

Why can’t I access the document I want?

The technical information available via the website has been created for the use of a variety of users, if you are unable to access a document it is likely that the document you are trying to access is not suitable for you based on your user profile. Try using the search function or contact one of the members of the team to find the right information for you, email technical@veka.com or call 01282 725361. Often installers try to access fabrication information, installers need to contact their fabricators for this. Link to contact us


I’ve forgotten my password to login to download technical files, how do I reset my password?

Please send an email to ukwebsite@veka.com with the email address you registered with along with your new chosen password. You will receive an email confirm within two working hours. 

Please note our working hours are 8.30am-5pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)


I’ve registered to access technical documents but I haven’t received an email to confirm whether I’ve been approved?

You will be notified within two working hours whether you have been approved for access or we need more information to approve your access.

Please note our working hours are 8.30am-5pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)

Please check your spam or junk email folders.

For further help or assistance please contact us. Link to contact us form


Technical Questions

Where can I find specification advice?

VEKA Group has a dedicated area on the website designed specifically for architect, specifiers and contractors. We have a product solution for every commercial project requirement and our dedicated commercial team can help every step of the way, whether it be new build, social housing education or any other commercial project. 


What technical support does the VEKA Group offer?

Four specially trained technical service engineers are at hand to solve any on-site problems that fabricators may encounter. Fabricators, installers, building contractors, architects and specifiers can download technical information on the product range at the touch of a button. Once you have registered we will keep you updated on any changes with technical downloads so you can rest assured you will always have the most up to date documents. Our technical team based in Burnley are also on hand for technical enquiries please email technical@veka.com or call 01282 725361.


What is the best U Value or energy rating I can achieve?

VEKA Group systems are designed to achieve the best energy ratings they can but this depends on the overall specification and the requirements or capabilities of the installation. Outer frame size, reinforcing specification & glass type all affect the overall U value & energy ratings. On the other hand it may not always be beneficial to specify the highest rating as it may exceed the capabilities of the property or be in a location where no benefit is gained. For advice please speak to a qualified surveyor or recommended installer. Click here to find your nearest installer


I need a part number and I only have a description?

Fabricators can access wall charts for VEKA or Halo parts here, if you are not a fabricator and need a part number please contact a member of the technical team  email technical@veka.com or call 01282 725361. 


What is the maximum size I can go to?

We believe VEKA & Halo products can offer industry leading solutions with the variety of systems we offer, each of the systems has its own unique capabilities, contact one of the members of the team to advise on the best system to meet any requirements. Contact us here. 


Where can I find CAD details of the system or section I need?

CAD blocks designed for architectural drawings or 3rd party product development can be found here. Section details for use in machinery programming or tooling can be found here. 


What accreditations do VEKA & Halo frames hold?

Through our ongoing development and testing we can recommend solutions to satisfy the huge scope of requirements for both domestic and commercial projects. Initial type test results and capabilities can be found on our BSI Kitemark License here. If you are unable to find evidence of a standard you are looking to achieve please contact one of the members of our team for advice. 

What is the correct installation method?

It is important that any frame, window or door is installed to the appropriate British standard.  Additional installation advice is available to installers for some of our more specialist systems but for generic please refer to the GGF (Glass & Glazing Federation) website. Visit here for more information. 


How many chambers do VEKA & Halo sections have?

The number of chambers a profile system has affects how the U Value or energy rating is calculated but does not dictate it. A three chamber system can achieve a comparable range of results of a five chamber system dependant on the overall specification or mix of components used. For advice on the best system to meet any requirements please ask a suitably qualified surveyor or installer. Click here to find your nearest installer



Sales Questions

I am an architect/installer/fabricator outside of the UK, can I specify/install /manufacture products from the VEKA Group?

Products from the VEKA Group are designed specifically for the UK market. With 35 manufacturing plants worldwide, products from each plant are manufactured and designed specifically for geographical market. Our global HQ, VEKA AG is situated in Germany and will be able to assist with global exports. 


How can the VEKA Group support me with sales?

VEKA Group employs a dedicated team of Business Development Managers for our fabricators and an installer support team covering the length and breadth of the UK.

Independent Network members receive an exclusive 10 year insurance backed guarantee, every homeowner completes a questionnaire upon the completion of an installation so installers can be independently audited on their standards, homeowner leads are passed onto local installers, a maintenance scheme with the opportunity to offer homeowners upgrades or further home improvements on a regular basis, a training program and a range of courses are available, finance packages for homeowners, a dedicated course designed by The Vocational College offering funding and many, many more benefits. 


I’m not based in the UK can I manufacture VEKA or Halo windows or doors?

VEKA Group is based in the UK for UK customers only, to manufacture VEKA windows and doors anywhere else in the world please contact your VEKA in your region. View our global map here.


VEKA Scheme Support


How can the VEKA Group support me with marketing?

Independent Network members are offered a comprehensive support package including brochures, window sample bags, ID cards, branded clothing, tapes, product care kits, product comparison kits, presenters, vehicle vinyls, showroom boards, maintenance guidelines to help to project a professional image.

Fabricators and installers are also offered access to online marketing toolkits which hundreds of marketing materials available for personalisation at the touch of the button. We cover the cost of the copy writing so all you have to pay for is the print!

If you have an open day coming up or any other trade event that you need support for, contact the marketing department to find out about our additional services that we offer customers. Register for the portal here.


I’m a VEKA or Halo customer what Marketing support can you offer me?

We have a renowned package of Marketing available to fabricators and installers. If you have some good news stories or an exciting new project contact the marketing department who would love to put a press release together which will give you some great coverage in the trade press. Email us via our contact page here.


I’m a VEKA or Halo customer and I’d like to use some of your images for my own Marketing and website?

Use the contact us form to send us some details and a member of the Marketing team will be in touch shortly. Contact us here.


Our Privacy


Will I get bombarded with emails from you when I register on your website?

No, we only ever contact you for further information on your registration or to advise you of new versions of documents you have previously downloaded. However, please note, if you download all available technical documents and we update 6 documents you will receive 6 separate emails.


When I register on your website will you sell my data?

Never, your data is securely stored at VEKA in order to email you about technical document updates for documents that you have previously downloaded.



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