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You can walk, run, skip, hop, jog, cycle, swim or skate. It’s up to you how you choose to complete your miles. All that we ask is that you’re moving and clocking up the miles to support Kelly’s Heroes.

No, VEKA is a PVCU extrusion manufacturer, we manufacture the PVCU profile that is then used by fabricators to make windows and doors which can then be installed into your home, we don’t manufacture any windows or doors at VEKA. Follow the link below to find a local installer of our products and services. Click here to find your nearest installerOr visit our homeowner site here.

VEKA plc systems are designed to achieve the best energy ratings they can but this depends on the overall specification and the requirements or capabilities of the installation. Outer frame size, reinforcing specification & glass type all affect the overall U value & energy ratings. On the other hand it may not always be beneficial to specify the highest rating as it may exceed the capabilities of the property or be in a location where no benefit is gained. For advice please contact our Technical department here technical@veka.com

WinDoPlan is available to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

As well as logging your miles you can purchase our bike bells and pet bandanas or donate to Kelly’s Heroes via their Just Giving page.

Just as important as logging miles and donations is the commitment from individuals to share your efforts across all social channels and make sure Step-by-Step and Kelly’s Heroes messages are firmly placed in people’s minds.

We’ll be sharing lots of content across our social media channels.  Whether liking, commenting, sharing or creating posts, please use #STEPBYSTEP #ASKTWICE and #NOTALONE in your posts to support our messages and tag VEKA and We Mind & Kelly Matters.

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TwinSash has superb thermal and acoustic performance with sound reduction up to 50dB. Triple glazing is also an option. We recommend talking to your local installer.

No, WinDoPlan is free to use for all VEKA & Halo fabricators & specifiers.

We strive to provide homeowners with as many options as possible when it comes to choosing the types of VEKA products and ranges that work within their home.

From something specific like grey UPVC windows and doors, to the types of window systems used such as sliding or noise-reduction options, we’re confident that our registered VEKA installers can work with you to provide the exact products you’re looking for.

VEKA plc extrudes profile for the manufacture of windows and doors. You will need to contact your installer to find out which hardware manufacturer their fabricator used. You can normally check your hardware for manufacturer branding.

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