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VEKA will typically supply a 22-bag load with 1 bag being approximately 1 metric tonne, and this can be delivered on transport arranged by VEKA. A full 22-bag load can comprise a mix of different formulations, and smaller loads can be produced for collection by the customer. Compound is typically made to order with a 3-4 working day lead-time, however we can also hold stock of customer specific formulations by prior agreement.

Four specially trained technical service engineers are at hand to solve any on-site problems that fabricators may encounter. Fabricators, installers, building contractors, architects and specifiers can download technical information on the product range at the touch of a button. Once you have registered we will keep you updated on any changes with technical downloads so you can rest assured you will always have the most up to date documents. Our technical team based in Burnley are also on hand for technical enquiries please email technical@veka.com or call 01282 725360.

If you’re looking for prices for our PVCU windows and doors, get in touch with our technical team on 01282 716611. To understand the range of products and systems that we offer, head over to the extensive products section. We are able to accommodate even the most complex projects.

Never, your data is securely stored at VEKA in order to email you about technical document updates for documents that you have previously downloaded.

No, however with extrusion there are obvious economies of scale and depending on the size of the product there will be an optimum minimum extrusion “run” and for the purposes of supply and delivery there will be minimum stillage or pallet quantities, but we can quickly and easily advise if your requirements are economical to produce.

Independent Network members are offered a comprehensive support package including brochures, window sample bags, ID cards, branded clothing, tapes, product care kits, product comparison kits, presenters, vehicle vinyls, showroom boards, maintenance guidelines to help to project a professional image.

Fabricators and installers are also offered access to online marketing toolkits which hundreds of marketing materials available for personalisation at the touch of the button. We cover the cost of the copy writing so all you have to pay for is the print!

If you have an open day coming up or any other trade event that you need support for, contact the marketing department to find out about our additional services that we offer customers. Register for the portal here.

No! In the UK VEKA has extrudes bespoke profiles for many customers across a wide range of product types and markets, and has done so for many years; VEKA continues to invest in developing and growing this important aspect of our UK business, we just don’t shout about it as maintaining customer confidentiality is paramount.

As a VEKA fabricator, we will support your commercial growth every step of the way; from supplying outstanding products to technical support and everything in between. We understand that changing supplier can seem daunting, which is why we have teams in place to manage any transition. Just get in touch with us on 01282 716611 with any questions. 

Many of our I.N. members have their own showrooms. Please contact your local installer directly and they will be happy to assist.

There are plenty of free apps on your phone you can use to track your miles such as Apple Health and Strava. Fitbits and health watches will also track your daily miles. If you aren’t able to log miles don’t worry, you can send through steps or time and we can covert this to miles. We just want you to get moving and raise awareness.

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