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Please send an email to ukwebsite@veka.com with the email address you registered with along with your new chosen password. You will receive an email confirm within two working hours.

Please note our working hours are 8.30am-5pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays)

If you would like products from a particular system, we can recommend an installer in your area who installs the exact product you are looking for. Fill in the Find an Installer form or contact salesenquiry@veka.com for more information.

PVCU windows and doors can be cleaned with warm soapy water.

Yes. Projects created by one user can be viewed or shared to aid collaborative working.

VEKA plc is based in the UK for UK customers only, to manufacture VEKA windows and doors anywhere else in the world please contact your VEKA in your region. View our global map here.

We have a renowned package of Marketing available to fabricators and installers. If you have some good news stories or an exciting new project contact the marketing department who would love to put a press release together which will give you some great coverage in the trade press. Email us via our contact page here.

WinDoPlan is available to use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Yes. That is the great thing about the software, it’s easy to use and allows the user to perform tasks in a quick and efficient way.

The technical information available via the website has been created for the use of a variety of users, if you are unable to access a document it is likely that the document you are trying to access is not suitable for you based on your user profile. Try using the search function or contact one of the members of the team to find the right information for you, email technical@veka.com or call 01282 725361. Often installers try to access fabrication information, installers need to contact their fabricators for this.

VEKA plc is a PVCU extrusion manufacturer, we have designed some of the most advanced systems produced by fabricators today. Follow the link below to find a local recommended supplier of our products and services. Click here to find your nearest installer.

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