Champions of home security: VEKA is first BSI Kitemarked Systems supplier to achieve SBD and PAS 24: 2022 on all products, combined with triple glazing

September 14, 2023

VEKA plc proudly announces a significant milestone: the certification of its entire product range to the recently updated PAS 24: 2022 security standards, for double and triple-glazed products. VEKA is the first Systems House to secure this certification, setting a new gold standard for safety, trust, and home security.

PAS 24 is a rigorous benchmark designed to measure the security efficiency of windows and doors. The primary objective of this testing is to ensure these entry points can effectively deter and resist attempts of intrusion by opportunistic burglars. The newly introduced PAS 24: 2022 officially came into effect in September 2022, phasing out the earlier PAS 24: 2016 standard. 

Diving deeper, the updated 2022 standard isn’t merely a routine upgrade; it is a comprehensive overhaul meant to align with the evolving methods and tools employed by criminals. In an age where burglars continuously refine their techniques to bypass conventional security systems, it’s paramount for industry standards to be several steps ahead. PAS 24: 2022 accomplishes this by considering the latest in criminal practices and introducing more sophisticated testing tools that mimic real-world threats.

“As the first Systems House to achieve the PAS 24: 2022 certification on all products, our dedication to our consumers’ safety remains evident,” remarks Jack Scullion, Product and Innovation Manager. “A key aspect in all new build developments is PAS24:2022 and with upcoming regulation changes imminent with the Future Homes Standards, this will likely include triple glazing.” He continued “VEKA can provide solutions across all product ranges, and the latest PAS 24: 2022 Kitemarks will give our customers the ability to choose solutions with both double or triple glazing.” 

VEKA double and triple-glazed products are now also SBD (“Secured By Design”) certified, which signifies that they meet rigorous security standards and are endorsed by the Police Preferred Specification scheme aimed at “designing out crime.” Achieving SBD certification translates to real-world benefits for customers. By choosing SBD-certified products, customers can enjoy enhanced safety and peace of mind, knowing that they are significantly less susceptible to break-ins and other security risks. This also can result in lower insurance premiums and increased property value, making VEKA products an excellent investment for both residential and commercial applications.

Hazel Goss, Secured by Design, said: “I am really pleased to see VEKA gain their PAS24:2022 certification and with triple glazing available on their doors and window products which is an achievement, due to the extra requirements required to house triple glazing.  Well done VEKA”.

VEKA’s achievement in certifying its entire product range to these standards ensures every home equipped with its products is a sanctuary, impervious to external threats.  

The company remains committed to proactive research and development, in collaboration with security experts worldwide, to stay ahead of evolving threats and, as the industry shifts and transforms, homeowners and partners can trust VEKA to remain at the forefront, consistently upholding the brand promise of quality, innovation, and unparalleled security. 

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