Burnley Business VEKA plc is named as one of the UK’s ‘Great Places to Work’

May 12, 2023

Burnley uPVC window system manufacturer VEKA plc has been officially certified by the Global Authority on Workplace Culture as a Great Place to Work. A recent survey of staff has shown that 81% of respondents consider their workplace a Great Place to Work, which is a 10% increase on last year’s results.

Human Resources Director, Sally Blades commented, “We have seen positive results and encouraging comments around our people, leadership, culture and more. We recognise the importance of looking after the people who look after our business. Through putting our people first, we know that they will adopt the same approach when it comes to their roles.”

The survey focused on areas such as justice, leadership effectiveness and behaviour, communication, empowerment, and reward, which most interestingly took the top spot, with a 23% increase on the previous year. This focus area looked at statements surrounding pay, employees share of profits and benefits, some of which were 13-32 percentage points above the UK Best Workplace Benchmark.

One survey respondent commented, “The company has been very generous over the past year, with cost-of-living bonuses, Christmas gift cards, profit share, etc, which makes you feel like it genuinely does care about its staff and their welfare.”

VEKA, which now has a workforce of over 400, has continued to invest in its management team. All frontline managers have recently taken part in ILM training and were encouraged to join onsite ‘Six Connections’ workshops, to assist them in supporting their teams to maintain good mental health. Results in this area showed a 12% increase on last year and indicated that management are seen as approachable and share the same consistent strategic direction.

Sally continued, “Achieving Great Place to Work status isn’t something that comes easily, it takes ongoing dedication to improving the employee experience, and it is the only official recognition that is determined by real time reports of company culture. This wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing workforce. We are extremely proud.”

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