VEKA SPIRIT is the essence of what we do and why. These values – Success, Pride, Improvement, Responsible, Integrity – sit at the very core of everything we do, remaining ever-present in each facet of our organisation.


They are the pillars that support our Mission and Purpose. They enable our growth, guide our actions and allow us to lead the industry.

VEKA Spirit Values - Success

Can do and enthusiastic approach to exceeding expectations, driven by success individually as well as a brand collective.

VEKA Spirit Values - Pride

Taking pride in all we do. Making work fun and being happy in delivering the perfect customer experience.

VEKA Spirit Values - Improvement

Proactive, continuous improvement in everything we do; from attitudes, to learning, to product performance.

VEKA Spirit Values - Responsible

We keep our commitments and can be relied upon to deliver success, for us, our teams and our customers.

VEKA Spirit Values - Integrity

Trustworthy and honest, we always seek to do the right and fair thing for the best and consistent customer experience.

VEKA Spirit Values - Team

We value and respect each other, collaborate and build relationships, internally and externally across the VEKA family.

VEKA Career Options


Want to work somewhere where your input will matter? Driven by a desire to make a difference and push your own boundaries? We offer a range of employment opportunities across a variety of areas within the business.

Innovation at VEKA


You only stay at the top by focusing on the future, and not staying complacent in the here and now. Innovation has spearheaded VEKA’s direction since day one.