We Take it All. VEKA Recycling accepts end-of-life PVCU frames and manufacturing offcuts from any system brand. Our newly built £10m closed-loop factory in Northamptonshire can process the material to be used for new frames and other building products.


We Do the Heavy Lifting. You don’t need to remove gaskets, hardware or sort by colour – all we ask is that you remove the glass.


We Make it Simple. Simplicity for our customers is key – VEKA Recycling will arrange for a container or appropriate sized collection unit to be placed free-of-charge where you need it for your waste. When it’s full, you just call us to arrange collection at a time that works for you.


We’re not First Timers. We started in 1993 in Germany and established our first UK recycling plant in 2007. Since then, we’ve been continually fine-tuning our process to make it as environmentally sustainable, straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

VEKA Recycling - uPVC pellets and our process

Our process

We make it as easy as possible for you to embrace sustainability when dealing with your PVCU waste—environmentally, economically and logistically.

VEKA Recycling - why pvcu should be recycled

Why recycle

Recycling is not only ethically and environmentally rewarding, it also makes good financial sense for your business— reduce waste, cut costs, boost profit.

VEKA recycling centre

VEKA recycling centre

We recycle 95% of waste that is sent to us, with 60% being reformed into brand new windows and the rest as other PVCU products including; piping, ducting or fencing. To understand more about our history, process, and how to become a partner, head to our dedicated VEKA Recycling website.