VEKA Recycling step 1

It All Counts

We recycle everything (except glass). Once we have collected the PVCU material from you free of charge, we begin our innovative process, shredding the material into smaller pieces. One thing we never do is use chemicals.

VEKA Recycling step 2

Sorting Metal From the Rest

We break the material up with our sorting system, removing metal including gaskets, handles and hinges.

VEKA Recycling step 3

Colour Coordinated

With the metal gone, we reduce the size of the material once again, get rid of any non PVCU parts (like rubber gaskets, stone or glass), and then sort the material into colour.

VEKA Recycling step 4

New Lease of Life

The PVCU material is then compressed under immense pressure to produce
perfect white pellets that are ready to go back into pristine new window

VEKA Recycling step 5

We Don’t Stop There

We’re focused on PVCU materials, but we don’t discard the rest. Lower grade material, like metal, is used in other applications such as piping, ducting or fencing. 95% of “waste” material recovered by us is recycled, with around 60% going in to new windows and the balance as compound for other PVCU products.

VEKA Recycling - Our services

Our services

We have long led the world in the environmentally responsible use of PVCU. We’re aiming to recycle over 28,000 tons in 2019 at our innovative, state-of-the-art plant in Northamptonshire.

VEKA Recycling - why pvcu should be recycled

Why recycle

VEKA Recycling extends the lifespan of a window almost indefinitely. We accept all removed PVCU frames regardless of where they were originally manufactured.

VEKA recycling site

VEKA recycling site

We’ve also shown our commitment to the environment by being among the first in the industry to do away with lead stabilisers in favour of the Calcium Organic alternative. We are also accredited to ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems Licence No EMS 59308). To find out more about VEKA Recycling, go to our dedicated website.