Each brand within the VEKA plc adds its own unique qualities and value resulting in a collective offering that is unmatched in the marketplace.

Committed to quality, innovation and service; we create the most specified PVCU systems in the world, while spearheading sustainable manufacturing programmes that protect the environment.

VEKA is still owned and run by the same family who started the company in Germany back in 1969. Today, we have more than 35 manufacturing and sales sites worldwide, employing in excess of 5,200 people. 

Product Brands

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The VEKA suite provides an uncompromising range of doors and windows that offer style, functionality, security and thermal performance in equal measure.

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Our Halo product range offers complete versatility; from traditional sculptured windows to modern residential doors, with all the performance benefits of PVCU.

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The Imagine range of products were introduced to create inspirational living spaces that enhance the lives of the people who inhabit them. The pinnacle of technology meets the epitome of elegance.

Installer schemes

Independent Network is the UK’s premier installer network powered by VEKA

Independent network

Independent Network is the UK’s premier installer network. Our trusted network members fabricate and/or install quality VEKA group windows and doors straight to homeowners.

VEKA installers as part of the Installer Programme

Installer programme

Our Installer Programme exists to support the commercial growth of any installer who purchases via one of our Approved Fabricators.

VEKA Recycling

VEKA Recycling

We believe that innovation and environmental sustainability go hand in hand. We were the first PVCU systems company to establish a recycling plant in Germany in 1993, and then in 2007 in the UK.

We make it our mission to lead the way as an environmentally responsible business. We were the first PVCU systems company to bring recycled windows to both the commercial and retail markets, and the first ever ‘A’ rated window was a VEKA window.

Our environmental thinking extends beyond our products; all our transport routes are carefully planned to cut mileage and reduce emissions. Every vehicle in our fleet is equipped to transport more than the industry average so every trip we make is as efficient as possible.

We constantly review the way we work and through various energy saving measures in our production department, we’ve recently saved 2,208 tonnes of carbon across a three year period. From production to logistics, we remain consistent across all of our affairs.

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Why recycle?

PVC-U is too valuable to incinerate or go to landfill. It can be recycled up to 10 times with no drop in quality or performance, offering a notional life of over 300 years.

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Our services

We make recycling easy by providing a reliable, cost-effective service that you can depend on. We work with fabricators, installers and waste companies to maximise the impact of our efforts.

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Our process

Our innovative pelletised recycling process allows us to process old windows and doors to such a level of purity that we can make new products of exceptional quality, instead of lower grade alternatives.