A Bird’s-Eye Review for Network VEKA Members

July 8, 2015

Questions have begun to buzz around the industry: can homeowners trust online reviews? Can these comments and ratings be too easily fabricated? Can positive reviews be promoted while negative comments are swept under the carpet?

Network VEKA’s MD John Ogilvie comments: “It may not be my position to discuss the merits or potential disadvantages of review sites but it is certainly an interesting topic, and it did get us thinking about the options available to homeowners when choosing tradespeople.

“Here at Network VEKA, we began to consider how many ways there were for people to gather information about a company, how reliable that information is – and what would be the ideal scenario for confidently seeking out a reliable craftsman.

“…Then we sat back and put the kettle on, having done our bit to solve these problems 20 years ago!

“We know that one of the strongest elements of our offering, is the customer satisfaction questionnaire that every single homeowner fills out. These forms come directly back to Network VEKA HQ, not to the local member company, so we can assess how good a job has been done in every single case.

“We can feed back and make sure the members get credit and praise where it’s deserved, and we can also speak to members about any areas of their business that might be improved upon.

“It allows us to assess how good a job is being done by each and every one of our members, and we get this information ‘straight form the horse’s mouth’ so to speak.

“If we find that a member is no longer meeting the same high standards that allowed them to enter the organisation in the first place, they will NOT be allowed to remain in the organisation.

“So, carrying the Network VEKA branding is effectively like a displaying a badge of honour. Homeowners know that if they look for the logo – they’re guaranteed to find a craftsman, not a cowboy.

“Our strict standards, with constant policing, mean we can allow all our member companies to offer homeowners our fail-safe Ten Year Insurance-Backed Guarantee. This commitment to quality and customer service has resulted in a collective customer satisfaction rating consistently at 97% or above, compared to an industry average of 83%.”

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