September 4, 2020

“COVID-19 has forced many a luddite to embrace the wonders of digital technology, as such, the time is now to introduce more digital innovation to offer customers a greater level of marketing support and we won’t be stopping there!

The Pandemic has generated a greater impetus for accelerated digital transformation from how we communicate, to how we support right through to how we can use digital technology to make our and our customers’ (and their customers’) businesses leaner and more efficient.

“As we continue to navigate the effects of social distancing, working from home and preparing ourselves for more change once government funding ends, deferred VAT bills are upon us and unemployment increases further, we have listened to what our customers need and developed a new pdf & print hub accessed via our marketing portal that allows customers access to a suite of  marketing support as and when they need it.

“A development of our existing print shop, the new hub has been designed to be as intuitive to use as ordering from Amazon. Registered fabricators and installers will be able to personalise brochures and leaflets and download a digital version to send to their customer there and then, order printed copies as with our previous print shop solution or create a flipbook for their own website at the touch of a button.

Members of Independent Network have access to a further enhanced tool that will enable to build their own ‘Home Improvements’ brochure selecting only the product pages they require. In addition, they’ll be able to tailor the cover and introduction to feature their own details, a personalised welcome to a customer, logos and images to create a brochure specifically for them. All this can be done in a simple click and go format. When selecting an image, they can choose from our pre-loaded library or upload their own installation should they want to truly tailor the brochure to them.

“The new print and pdf hub is available to registered Halo and VEKA fabricators, their installers and Independent Network members. As well as branded brochures & leaflets the hub includes Posters, Window Clings, Van Livery, Installation Boards and more. If users are already signed in the VEKA UK site, they are automatically signed into the portal so don’t have to log-in multiple times. The hub even remembers customer logo and contact details, so they only need to be uploaded once and to make it as user friendly as possible – customers will also find hints and tips along the way.

“We are committed to continually updating and adding to the products and services available on the hub as well as the high-resolution image library and social media assets also available on the main marketing portal. As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we embrace any digital strategy that reduces the number of items that are printed. Our new hub also includes a feedback form so you can tell us of any digital solutions that would be valuable to your business.

“Our digital focus not only keeps customers up to date with accurate, live data at all times, it also ensures they are never ‘out of the loop’ with VEKA product and service developments, which they can then offer their own customers. Our new pdf and print hub means that we can have new marketing assets available to our customers within hours of their creation. The new hub is available now and can be accessed via”

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