With 50 years of industry insight – VEKA has 2020 vision

January 2, 2020

When asked what the potentially uncertain year has in store for the company, Dave Jones replied simply that it would be ‘business as usual’, which some might say undersells the level of stability, service and innovation that VEKA UK brings customers.


Following a recent interview with Dave and tour of the PVCu system supplier’s Burnley manufacturing plant, the Editor of Lancashire Business View commented; “The managing director of VEKA may not think it is gripping stuff, but the growth and development the company is looking at is far from boring. Some of it is nothing less than revolutionary.”


Dave elaborates: “2019 was our Anniversary year, and a good time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished – not just over the last 12 months, but over the last 50 years. The global VEKA Group was established in 1969, and has since grown from just 8 staff, to 5500 staff worldwide and a €1.2billion turnover. Having worked here for half that time, I’m very proud of everything we continue to achieve.


“VEKA Group is still run by the same family with the same values, so our customers can rely on the same quality, service and stability not just for the coming year but for the next 50 years – whatever the political landscape. Thanks to our size, status and position as part of the global VEKA Group, we are able to counteract many of the potential uncertainties still surrounding Brexit; VEKA UK runs its own onsite mixing plant and holds an impressive amount of stock, so customers will be largely unaffected, whatever the outcome.

As I said… not very exciting.


“What is exciting, however, is VEKA’s ongoing commitment to innovation and an even stronger focus on CSR over the next year.


“Investment in product development led to the next generation Imagine Vertical Slider and ultramatt SPECTRAL finish being unveiled in 2019 and we’re always looking at ways to give our customers a greater edge. VEKA UK is well placed to explore ways that products and services can be improved across the industry, taking advantage of smart technology, 3D print-prototyping, and an in-house R&D department which is second to none.


“2020 will also see us examine our CSR in more depth – which is really saying something because supporting causes in the community, and looking at ways to do our part for the region, the environment and charities near and far has always been high on our agenda.


“In particular, we’re making a further commitment to sustainability. The global VEKA Group was the first to ‘close the loop’ on PVCu window recycling in 1993 and Wellingborough-based VEKA Recycling just recently won a National Fenestration Award for its valuable ongoing work. Going forward, we’re committed to doing more than ‘just’ recycling. We want to become known as the industry leader for sustainability when it comes to every aspect of VEKA life – people, community, responsible manufacturing and more.


“An in-depth CSR Report has been created that will provide the framework to allow us to develop a detailed roadmap and set sustainable goals. It will ensure that as a business we continue to make the right decisions in everything we do, from responsible sourcing right through to our community involvement. This is nothing new to VEKA, but we will now be keeping a record, making sure we’re on track and continuously minimising our impacts. And, as a major Lancashire manufacturer and a leader in our industry, I’m already looking forward to seeing what a fantastic difference we can make in the months ahead.


“Here’s to 2020: another year of investment, innovation, and ‘business as usual’ for VEKA UK customers.”

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