Voice of the Industry

December 3, 2019

Firstly, what has 2019 been like for you, bearing in mind that it hasn’t been an easy year for anyone? And secondly, with all the uncertainty around Brexit, politics and the economy in general, plus a general election in the offing, what do you think is in store for you, personally; your company; the industry and the UK, in 2020?

VEKA UK MD Dave Jones:
It’s not the most exciting answer, but looking ahead to ‘what’s in store for 2020’ I’d say simply ‘business as usual’.

December is a good time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished – not just in 2019, but over the last 50 years. The global VEKA Group was established in 1969, and has since grown from just 8 staff, to 5500 staff worldwide and a €1.2billion turnover. Having worked here for half that time, I’m very proud of everything we continue to achieve, including the investment in product development that saw the innovative Imagine Vertical Slider and ultramatt SPECTRAL finish unveiled this year.

VEKA Group is still run by the same family with the same values, so our customers can rely on the same quality, service and stability not just next year but for the next 50 years – whatever the political landscape. When it comes to the practicalities of Brexit, VEKA UK runs its own onsite mixing plant and holds an impressive amount of stock, so customers will be largely unaffected, whatever the outcome. As I said… not very exciting. In fact, VEKA UK is brilliantly boring in the best possible sense.

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