After identifying a problem with the inkjets in Extrusion, Reece took it upon himself to work with team members from both Extrusion and Maintenance to help create a new process and an improvement within the department.

Reece Gill, Extrusion Operator - VEKA plc

Recently, Paige took on board two jobs within the company sacrificing her own time with the aim to train and develop new skills for her future.

Paige Thwaite, Cleaner - VEKA plc

Martin’s helpfulness, enthusiasm and VEKA ACT values are evident in his actions on a day to day basis. Often putting others first and going the extra mile in the interests of the customer.

Martin White, Quality Engineering Coordinator - VEKA plc

Mark serves Queen and country with the Territorial Army year after year. He puts himself into situations that many people would not have the courage to do.

Mark Schofield, Lamination Operator - VEKA plc