Here at VEKA, we find it astounding that so many people still don't know that PVC-U can be recycled. In fact; its long lifespan, low maintenance and ability to be continually reincarnated make PVC-U one of the most sustainable products currently available in the building and home improvement market.


VEKA Recycling, established in 2007 allows fabricators and installers throughout the UK to demonstrate their green credentials to potential customers. VEKA Recycling extends the lifespan of a window almost indefinitely and accepts all removed PVC-U frames regardless of where they were originally manufactured. This gives VEKA trade clients an added benefit to offer homeowners - the promise that their old frames will not be sent to landfill but will be ethically recycled into quality products. 

The concept couldn't be simpler, VEKA Recycling delivers bins to participating VEKA customers and as soon as it is full, you just need to ring up and it will swiftly be emptied by one our specialist vehicles. VEKA Recycling offers an eco-friendly alternative to landfill without creating a lot of work for you. Any type of PVC-U can be thrown into the recycling bin; old or new, complete with gaskets, handles and reinforcements but less the glass. 

Recycling with VEKA is not only ethically and environmentally rewarding, it also makes good financial sense. It both saves and generates revenue, as you avoid the substantial cost of landfill and are also able to attract greater numbers of customers with this unique offering. 

Environmental issues become increasingly prominent by the day, so to offer a facility such as this gives any company an impressive sales edge over the competition. VEKA has always been at the forefront of environmental solutions. Since 1993, VEKA Umwelttechnik GmbH, has operated Europe's most advanced PVC-U recycling plant in the German town of Behringen. 

Everyone knows the many benefits of PVC-U as a strong and durable, weather-resistant material - but not enough people fully realise its recycling potential. Early in 2007, VEKA plc initiated what is thought to be the biggest-ever recycling initiative of its kind, with the launch of VEKA Recycling.

The VEKA Recycling primary processing facility in Kent links major refurbishment sites all over the UK. It collects and collates manufacturing off-cuts and old window frames - whether or not they were originally produced by VEKA. The purpose of the Kent-based facility is not only to collate the entire UK recycling operation but also to process the material into a form that can be transported more fuel-efficiently to VEKA Umwelttechnik - avoiding the irony of wasting natural resources in order to save them. 

VEKA Recycling in the UK is only one part of a growing global commitment by VEKA Worldwide, which has already seen similar initiatives launched in a number of other countries. 


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