Unrivalled installer support from The VEKA UK Group

January 7, 2015

The VEKA UK Group’s Sales and Marketing Director Colin Torley explains how the Group supports installers across the length and breadth of the UK in a wealth of ways.

As home to both Network VEKA and the VEKA and Halo Approved Installer Schemes, The VEKA UK Group offers the industry’s most extensive range of installer support. There is a level of support to suit businesses of all types and sizes, from small family-run firms to expansive multi-branch organisations.

Network VEKA was the first organisation of its kind to be launched in the UK, and it remains committed to guaranteed quality and service for the benefit of the homeowner.

Network VEKA was originally established to raise standards and membership offered a way for companies to set themselves apart and increase sales, by demonstrating to homeowners that they maintained the highest levels of professionalism. (In an industry that didn’t have the best reputation at the time). Network VEKA is the industry’s leading installer organisation, with almost 20 years supporting members with marketing, technical training, guarantees and much, much more.

To further develop our installer support, the VEKA and Halo Approved Installer Schemes were launched at the FIT Show just last year, and have seen astounding success already. The first 100 installers were signed up in record time and recruitment quickly took place to fill four full-time positions created to ensure there was a team solely dedicated to Approved Installers! Numbers continue to grow, today standing at around 400 and counting.

The Approved Installer Scheme complements Network VEKA as it is the starting point in building a partnership with The VEKA UK Group and making best use of the support that is available. We are proud of this two-tier offering, as we know that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all.

VEKA and Halo’s Approved Installer Schemes offer a straightforward way for installers to begin boosting their business with support from The VEKA UK Group.

It is free to join and Approved Installers will have the support of an Approved Fabricator and dedicated sales support staff across the country to help generate and convert leads. They also receive valuable assistance from The VEKA UK Group’s fantastic marketing team.

The scheme gives installers the opportunity to set themselves apart from the competition and prove an ongoing commitment to fitting the highest quality PVC-U products. It allows companies to build their business on the sterling reputation of The VEKA UK Group.

Network VEKA – a not-for-profit standards organisation – is in its 19th year and has more than 130 members across the UK and Ireland. We’re proud to say, that even as it heads towards its 20th year, the organisation still offers the ultimate package of installer support in the industry! Members benefit from: training and auditing in technical surveying and installation, MTC seminars, optional training in sales, a powerful multi-source lead generation programme that passes leads straight to members at no cost, finance packages to offer customers and a customer satisfaction questionnaire for independent proof of their quality standards.

A great relationship with the membership means that the team is kept updated on exactly what member companies want. That’s how the offering has evolved to the outstanding package currently available.

One of the biggest installer benefits is Network VEKA’s comprehensive package of Insurance-Backed Guarantees which includes deposit and staged payment protection and product guarantees. A full arbitration and conciliation service is also offered, for further customer reassurance.

For members that are keen to grow their business, Network VEKA will help in every way to make sure they can benefit from the best sales tools in the industry. We know that members are some of the most highly-trained, trustworthy companies in the country – and we want to help them shout about it! Network VEKA kicked off 2015 with a stunning new brochure, new website and a host of new initiatives planned for the coming months.

It’s really no wonder that 99.2% of members have continued their membership for this year! Our research has also shown that Network VEKA members grew their businesses at 2.5 times the rate of the market last year. The big question that increasingly needs to be asked is… can you afford not to be part of Network VEKA?

Both Network VEKA and the Approved Installer Scheme support installers with vehicle livery, exhibition supplies, printed promotional items, advertising and PR campaigns.

Perhaps most appreciated by Network VEKA’s membership is the instantly-recognisable endorsement of Steve Davis. Customers can relate to Steve as a trustworthy representative of ‘fair play’ and he is a fantastic Brand Ambassador.

The VEKA UK Group has invested in a number of state-of-the-art online marketing ‘portals’ which allow Network VEKA members and VEKA and Halo Approved Installers to sign in and access an unrivalled suite of brochures and other marketing materials – available as completely-customised versions with companies’ own logos, text and USPs. These online facilities are populated with items that have been designed by an award-winning agency and we’ve already taken care of the creative costs. This only leaves customers to take care of the print and postage costs once their chosen items have been personalised.

We couldn’t be more proud of all the support available from The VEKA UK Group, our offering has a breadth and depth that goes beyond anything else in the industry. We have marketing and business support packages to suit companies of any size. And in such a competitive marketplace, tools that help you boost your business are more valuable than ever!



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