The jury’s out… and VEKA have you covered

December 14, 2023

The long-anticipated consultation for the Future Homes Standard has been released, and it contains some surprises for our industry. The main headlines are that the notional values will not change, these will remain as 1.2 for windows and 1.0 for doors with the limiting values for the actual building being 1.6 for both windows and doors. 

There is, however, one major change. The calculation method for windows in new dwellings no longer allows for the use of a standard window, the value must be calculated using the exact size and configuration.  

For doors, the standard size from EN14351 is not allowable, again this will be the exact size and configuration. This will add complexity to the Fabricator, and they will need to obtain information on the destination of the product.  

VEKA’s Exclusive Specification Software; WinDoPlan, offers solution 

VEKA’s Technical Director Paul Kennington is confident that VEKA has the right support in place to help their customers. The innovation put in place in 2021 with the exclusive specification software ‘WinDoPlan’, has allowed us to offer us an immediate solution which mitigates the impact of these changes on our customers.  He commented, “WinDoPlan is a key tool for Fabricators, Specifiers, and Installers. It can calculate U-Values to the exact size and configuration and our customers have access to this 24/7. With the entire technical process at their fingertips, this software will be invaluable in supporting our customers to adapt to the legislation changes for new dwellings.” 

The performance of windows for the replacement market will continue to be calculated using several alternative methods, including the standard window. The recent and proposed uplift to U values in new dwellings has been reflected in the replacement values and the thermal performance of replacement windows must be no higher than that being replaced and meet the limiting values of 1.4. 

There is additional consultation on material change of use and whether this should be considered as a new dwelling. This will affect current conversions, such as office to flats, which often do not require planning permission. These dwellings often don’t perform as well as new builds and the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities want to understand this more. There will also be a consultation on Part O covering Overheating and Part F for ventilation. 

It is proposed that the legislation be laid in 2024, before coming into force in 2025. There is consultation on the length of the transitional period. 

We would strongly encourage fabricators to respond to the consultation. Further information will be sent out in due course.  

The consultation runs from 13th December 2023 to 6th March 2024 and can be found at 

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