‘Sweet 16’ colourways now ex-stock from VEKA – including sought-after Anthracite Grey Smooth

June 27, 2018

Industry-leading systems supplier VEKA Group continues to lead the way in lamination, as its 29-strong colour offering brightens up the industry. Always adapting quickly to industry trends, VEKA now has a fantastic 16 colour combinations available ex-stock, including the increasingly popular Anthracite Grey Smooth.

The Anthracite Grey Smooth foil option from VEKA’s well known Variations collection, has a ‘flat’ finish – unlike the realistic woodgrain options – that makes it perfectly suited to projects that demand the look of aluminium, with all the benefits of PVC-U.

With the continuing growth of the Vertical Slider market, VEKA Group has also now made Cream and Anthracite Grey available for VEKA and Halo VS systems ex-stock.

VEKA Group’s Marketing Director Dawn Stockell explains: “Adding more colours to our ex-stock offering is another example of VEKA’s ability to anticipate – and react flexibly to – trends in the current market.

“We’re continuing to make significant investment in our lamination department because we know that colours are a valuable way in which our customers differentiate themselves and secure more sales. We have the capacity to support new and existing customers with a huge number of colour and woodgrain options, backed up by a reliable level of service, and swift delivery.

“In fact, a large proportion of the £5M we plan to invest in the VEKA plant this year, will be focussed on our lamination department. We’ve recently acquired a building adjacent to the existing VEKA HQ which will allow the current 380,000 sq ft site site to expand by a further 40,000 sq ft and enable us to potentially increase lamination capacity by a staggering 50%.

“It’s our aim to ensure that all our customers have every ‘tool’ they need at hand, to attract and retain customers. That’s why we are continuing to invest in the biggest growth area in our industry with an additional foiling line, a new flexible line for small runs and automated colour changing stations, to ensure we offer our customers the level of service they deserve, in such a competitive market.

“When it comes to production, we currently outperform the industry average with over 33% of our total sales now foiled, as our customers strive to meet the growing demand for colour in the domestic and commercial sectors.

“The combination of ex-stock availability of the most popular colours, and four weeks on some of the emerging options provides a flexible service. Minimum order quantities remain unchanged at one pack, allowing fabricators to meet one-off orders without being penalised financially or left with excess unused stock.

“As always, our development is guided by customer feedback and we are committed to ensuring our Variations offer remains as clear and simple as possible for our customers, who don’t want hidden set up charges, or a host of exceptions disguised by a headline.

“As a large, and long-established company, VEKA is proud to be light footed and adaptable to changing market trends. As demand grows in specific areas (such as smooth greys) VEKA is constantly developing ways to help customers capitalise each opportunity.

“We are soon to be rolling out the Imagine Bi-Fold Door with a Grey Profile option, which means no more glimpses of white anywhere when the door is in use. This was extremely well received at the FIT Show, and is just another example of VEKA’s reluctance to rest on its laurels. We’re always working on the next big thing for our customers.

“In the face of a relatively flat market, the whole team here at VEKA are proud to be part of a Group that will continue to invest in order to see our partners succeed.”


VEKA Group’s Head of Operations Pat Parry gives us a rundown of the year in numbers:

• 10,000,000 meters of VEKA Group profile will be laminated in 2018.

• That’s more than 6000 miles of laminated material!

• We will make over 7000 changeovers in 2018 and 43,000 foil changeovers.

• We manage 4732 live part numbers, mostly stock items.

• With make-to-orders we have 500,000 possible product and colour combinations.

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