VEKA and the Environment - a global responsibility

VEKA has led the world in the environmentally responsible use of PVC-U for many years. For almost as long as the PVC-U window industry has existed, VEKA has been committed to minimising the environmental impact at every stage of a window's life, including manufacture, fabrication, energy efficiency in the home and, obviously, recycling.



VEKA was the very first PVC-U system supplier ever to invest in an expansive purpose-built recycling plant – the VEKA Umwelttechnik factory at Behringen in Germany. A major feature of the facility is VEKA’s ability to turn an old window into a brand new window, rather than lower grade products such as drain pipes etc. We believe it is only 'true' recycling when it is an effective closed loop process, extending a window's life to a theoretical infinity.

Aside from recycling, VEKA shows its commitment to environmentally positive practices in a variety of ways. In the last few years, VEKA has supported the design of the UK’s first BFRC ‘A’ Rated window and the first fully reinforced, double-glazed window to gain the ‘A’ Rating.
In this way, we can improve a home's heat retention properties and dramatically cut CO2 emissions, while providing our customers with an added sales opportunity to offer their homeowner customers.

All our transport routes are carefully planned to cut mileage and reduce emissions. We also run a modern fleet, with all vehicles less than five years old. Several of them run on LPG rather than diesel and each of our vehicles is able to carry more products than the industry average, helping us reduce the number and duration of trips needed.

One of the most strikingly innovative ways that VEKA has shown its commitment to the environment - as well as fabricators, fitters and homeowners - is by leading the industry in abandoning lead stabilisers and developing a Calcium Organic alternative. 

VEKA is accredited with ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems Licence No EMS 59308). 

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