Eco Design is a way of thinking about design which takes into account the environmental impact of a product or packaging across its entire existence.

  • Recycling is good, but it still uses energy to turn something back into a useful product.
  • Re-using is better, because it means that we are using something old instead of using something new.

  • Reducing is best. By using less you automatically reduce the amount of raw materials and energy that you are responsible for Halo Products & Eco-Design

Within The VEKA Group we take Eco Design very seriously, and continually work to improve the EcoDesign of our products. Please see below some of the work that we have achieved.



  • By modifying the design of our current window profile, we have managed to reduce the mass of material used (across the full product range) by 4.21%.

  • The design of our new window system with additional screw ports means the amount of reinforcement being used has reduced by 8.5% on the sash and 48% on the outerframe, without compromising the quality of the product.

  • By slightly modifying the design of our Post Co-Extruded (PCE) gasket, without compromising on the quality of the product, we have reduced the mass of material used by 17% (grams per meter)

  • Packaging - we have reduced cardboard use per stillage of product by 82%


  • All hardware on a PVC-U window frame can be retro fitted; hence removing the need to replace the frame should the hardware fail

  • All gasket on a PVC-U window can be retro-fitted; hence removing the need to replace the frame should the gasket need replacing

  • PVC-U frames are designed so sealed units can be replaced very easily without damaging the frame


  • We collect 100% of our own post-industrial material through our recycling partner VEKA Recycling

  • We incorporate as much post-industrial PVC-U material into our profile as possible. Our cavity closures, sills and thermal insert are all extruded using recycled PVC-U material

  • Our composite door substrate has been designed to use 100% recycled PVC-U material

  • Halo PVC-U window frames are designed so there is zero waste to landfill generated

All parts of the window are fully recyclable at the end of the window life.





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