Steve Davis Radio Adverts Pot Thousands in Sales for The Window Outlet

February 9, 2016

Director Graeme Pritt quickly became an advocate for Network VEKA’s radio adverts after trialling their effect for The Window Outlet.

“I’ve never really rated radio adverts before; I wasn’t convinced that they translated into any realistic sales. However, I thought I’d test the Steve Davis adverts on our local station, CFM, and see if they made any difference to our business.

“They’ve actually worked so well, I’ve just booked them to run for another month!

“We took all three Steve Davis adverts and we adapted them with our own jingle. It’s a catchy tune that starts with the words ‘it’s a beautiful day’. It’s definitely working for us. Customers have told us that they find themselves singing it long after the ad is played – so it certainly has recall value!

“One particular customer was a nurse who had heard our bright and sunny jingle when driving home in the rain and the dark after a long, night shift. It was so at odds with her journey that it made her laugh. She called us a few days later and we ended up doing a full house of new windows.

“It’s not the first time we’ve worked with CFM, we also worked closely with the radio station on their Christmas ‘Cash for Kids’ toy appeal. Overall, the CFM ‘Mission Christmas’ raised £407,325 of gifts and cash to support 7,428 local children throughout the region.

“We’ve always been keen to take advantage of all the support that Network VEKA has to offer in order to promote our company. We’ve had Steve Davis help at open days and charity events and the Network VEKA branding features heavily in our adverts and on our vans etc. It sets us apart from our competitors and proves our commitment to customer satisfaction at a glance.

“We visited the recent Network VEKA Business Centre event and found it particularly helpful, especially chatting to some of the affiliate partners. We were impressed at the favourable rates we were able to access.

“As a small, local, family-run company, we simply wouldn’t have had the ‘power’ to command discounts like 20% off our Travis Perkins orders – but with our Network VEKA membership, we’re part of a powerful, national organisation! When we spoke to Travis Perkins at the Network VEKA Business Centre event, we were not only able to get a discount on future orders, but also a retrospective discount off our previous order. It was certainly more than worthwhile making the trip!

“Based on our experience, I would recommend Network VEKA membership to any hard-working company looking to build their business. There’s so much assistance at hand. Being part of this organisation has had a massive, positive effect on The Window Outlet and we’re looking forward to continuing our partnership in the years ahead.”

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