Something old, something new

June 3, 2018

When a homeowner or specifier requires a classic look, with contemporary performance, only a PVC-U system will do. VEKA Group Sales Director Neil Evans explains how keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to design and development allows customers to enjoy a ‘yesteryear’ aesthetic with a ‘future proof’ product…

Research has shown* that flush casements are continuing to grow in popularity, as increasing numbers of homeowners request these versatile systems. In fact, in a relatively flat market, the demand for these casements indicates an area of rapid growth.

In response to these figures and forecasts, VEKA has launched the slimmer sightline FlushSash (an evolution of the ever-popular standard FlushSash) that includes a patent-pending concealed mullion and completely uninterrupted views when both windows are open. A 20% reduction in sightlines not only allows for more glass in the design, and therefore more light, as well as a greater feeling of air and space, but also creates a traditional ‘French window’ effect, with all the modern security, safety, and efficiency requirements our customers have come to expect. This system is available for both VEKA and Halo customers.

Previously, such slim sightlines were most commonly associated with wooden windows and the FlushSash makes a fantastic, modern counterpart. For traditional timber aesthetics, customers can take advantage of a wide range of realistic woodgrain options from the 29-strong Variations colour collection – yet also benefit from the FlushSash’s U-value of 1.0, mechanical jointing option, enhanced security and hardware options, plus low maintenance, when compared to real timber window frames.

It isn’t just the Heritage sector that can benefit from these casements however, as we have seen both the FlushSash and the Vertical Slider equally at home in new-build city projects as they are in Georgian house renovations – especially with grey frames. As such, VEKA has expanded the ex-stock colour range and there are 14 shades available from stock for FlushSash and 8 for the Vertical Slider; including Anthracite Grey for those wanting the aluminium ‘Grand Designs’ look.

The Vertical Slider itself showcases run-through horn detailing, just as a timber sash would, but with the additional benefits of low maintenance requirements and high-spec safety and security.

Overall, these developments are not made to simply show off what we can do at VEKA, they have been made specifically to allow our customers to meet the demands of their customers. VEKA Group has a long history of analysing and evaluating market trends, and then reacting to them accordingly, so our customers can expect the very best in product and service, which also has a knock-on effect on the service they pass down the chain.

FlushSash sales are going through the roof at the moment, with an 88% increase of installations (that’s over 335,000 frames in one year), and the market share of flush casements has doubled; now hitting the 5% mark.

It’s worth noting that the new slimmer sightline FlushSash has not replaced the standard FlushSash, which has proved extremely popular in the Heritage sector for VEKA and Halo customers in recent years. Often coupled with traditional internal hardware such as monkey tail handles and dummy peg stays, the FlushSash achieves A+ rating with ease, is PAS 24 and Document Q ready, and can be offered with either 28mm double glazed or 36mm triple glazed units, for impressive performance when it comes to both thermal and acoustic insulation.

Of course, the increase in interest and demand for these products at consumer level means that there are more options on the market for all involved. It’s our job at VEKA to make sure our products don’t just meet the expectations of end users but continue to exceed them, meaning our own customers remain at the top of the Heritage sector – and every other – for years to come.

To find out more about any of the above products – ‘old and new’ – or for advice on sales, marketing, fabricating/installation queries, colour options and everything in between, please call 01282 716611, email or visit

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