PVC-U is perfect for prestigious property’s 46 sash windows

February 11, 2018

Long-standing VEKA Group customer SWC Trade Frames was proud to act as a ‘one-stop-specification-shop’ for a stately six-bedroom new build in the Yorkshire Dales.

The Scarborough-based company fabricates high quality Halo products from VEKA Group and was able to supply the 46 Vertical Sliders and 3 sets of French Doors needed for the prestigious job.

SWC Sales Director Mark Catchpole explains: “We were delighted to provide everything necessary for our client Selby Glass to complete this Yorkshire manor house to a beautiful standard.

“We’ve worked with Selby Glass for years, and the team there know they can rely on the quality of our products without question. We use VEKA Group profile, so we can vouch for the standard of our systems right from raw materials to finished frames, and we can offer enviably swift lead times. These products combine stunning good looks with perfect performance; they look much like traditional timber but offer the additional modern energy-efficiency benefits and low maintenance of PVC-U.

“SWC also has an in-house spraying facility, so alongside VEKA Group’s great Variations lamination offering, we can provide any other colour the customer requires and ensure a perfect colour match and cohesive overall finish across all our ranges.

“We pride ourselves on going ‘above and beyond’ for our customers. For example, the Halo Vertical Sliders for this job were supplied to an A+11 rating, effectively ‘future proofing’ this project by going beyond the standard specification requirements, and the windows and doors were supplied to Approved Document Q standards for security.”

Arthur Fenn, Director of Selby Glass, commented: “This 7400 sq ft stone-built manor house was a pleasure to work on. It had been designed and built to an exceptionally high standard by one of our long-standing developer clients, Neil Battye, who knows that quality is key.

“Neil works with Selby Glass on a regular basis, and has done for the last 20 years or so, because he knows we constantly strive to exceed his already high expectations. Neil approached us to do the job with the design in mind, and trusted us to find and fit the highest quality products to meet his specification.

“We tend to use a number of suppliers, but we knew in this case that SWC would be best able to meet every single one of the specialist requirements. We also trusted the SWC team to operate with speed and professionalism, so that we could – in turn – offer our client a swift turnaround, and we weren’t disappointed.

“The job involved 46 Halo Vertical Sliders sprayed Pebble Grey (inside and out) and 3 sets of coordinating French Doors from VEKA Group.

“The project looked great and the quality of products we installed from SWC means that they will offer phenomenal performance for years to come. The beauty of PVC-U windows and doors in this day and age, means that we can offer the traditional, classic style of timber sash windows, but they will never need sanding or repainting and they offer ease of operation, along with energy efficiency, acoustic insulation, and security.

“The Vertical Sliders and French Doors from VEKA Group were simple and easy to fit. The most difficult thing about the job was not getting distracted by the view!”

VEKA Group Sales Director Neil Evans added: “This sprawling rural manor house is a great example of how modern materials and classic aesthetics can be combined to create a ‘timeless’ finish. Selby Glass and SWC trade frames have put VEKA Group systems to great use for their client, showcasing the versatility of these systems for all types of properties.

“VEKA Group is proud to work with fabricators and specifiers on everything from sleek city skyscrapers, to historic heritage properties and everything in between. As we often highlight, our products are designed to meet all the specifications you would expect from such an industry-leading supplier, ‘for now, for the future, for life.’”

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