The Matrix FS system was designed for those who want the look and feel of quality hardwood frames, without the upkeep. Technically the system is exceptional, allowing simple fabrication and trouble-free installation.

Matrix FS is a truly integrated PVC-U window system that has become the benchmark for design, versatility, visual appearance and quality in the window and door industry.

The result of massive investment in development, tooling and extrusion technology means that Matrix 70 can be used to create virtually any style of window and door, for any type of building.

Outer Frames

  • Choice of 3 frame profiles with heights of 56mm, 70mm and 80mm – enabling profile optimisation when manufacturing the variety of window and door styles that are possible with Matrix FS.
  • Multi-chamber frame design allowing for face or base drainage on either side of central chamber.


  • Choose from 3 sizes of mullion profiles in widths of 64mm, 86mm or 110mm.
  • All mullions available with standard or heavy duty reinforcement.
  • 110mm T door Midrail available that can also be used within windows for consistency of sightline
  • Mullions can be welded into each other and/or frame/sash profiles or mechanically coupled
  • Dovetail bead groove ensures secure retention of glazing beads(also on sashes)


  • Full range of sashes from 75mm to 110mm.
  • Range of sash style options including casement, tilt & turn, French door and residential door
  • Multi chamber sash design allows for concealed drainage

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

With appropriate argon-filled triple glazed units, Matrix FS can achieve U-values as low as 0.8

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