Halo Twin Sash Window

Halo Rustique Twin Sash Window

This unique window consists of two sashes joined by a deep outer-frame, the result is an air-tight pocket, sandwiched between two thermally efficient sash frames. Available in a large assortment of colours and woodgrain options from the Variations range. It is the only A-rated window for noise reduction.
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HALO TwinSash Window

Halo System 10 Twin Sash Window

The clever design of the patented TwinSash outer frame accommodates two sash frames and positions them one in front of the other. Compatible with System10, it requires minimal tooling and accepts all standard hardware. Bevelled and sculptured options are available, with a range of colour choices. It is the only A-rated window for noise reduction.
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Frequently Asked Questions

High security locking on the Rustique TwinSash Window provides top-grade protection. The parallel window opening design also limits how far the window can be opened for added safety and security.

Our TwinSash Window was the UK’s first A-Rated window and is renowned for offering unrivalled thermal and acoustic performance. It is the only window A-Rated window on the market for noise reduction.

VEKA windows deliver exceptional weather resistance. Sun, rain, hail, wind; whatever the weather throws their way, our A-Rated windows will stand up to the harshest of elements. Multiple chambers, co-extruded gaskets, and a number of design features, including steel reinforcement, keep windows tight, secure, and weather proof.

Our TwinSash Windows are available in a large assortment of eye-catching colours that work with all property styles. With nearly 900 different permutations, our Variations range offers traditionally classic colours with contemporary shades to be used on either side of the profile.

TwinSash Windows are perfect for Passive House applications or high urban noise areas, such as motorways, airports and railway stations where noise reduction is paramount.

TwinSash Windows can be opened inwards or outwards using a combination of Casement, Tilt & Turn or Parallel Openers and are compatible with both Halo System 10 and Rustique profile systems.

Our TwinSash Windows possess supreme noise reduction technology. The incredible A-Rated sound insulation does not come at the cost of design, meaning TwinSash windows are perfect for customers wanting style and quiet.

All our windows are suitable for new build homes, so it’s up to you.
Halo Fully Reversible Windows are a great option: merging classic good looks with supreme functionally, the fully integrated multi-bevelled system includes steel reinforcement for superior quality, security and energy efficiency. Strong and secure, they also benefit from durability and low maintenance.

TwinSash Windows are renowned for their excellent acoustic and thermal performance.
It is the only A-Rated window for noise reduction, which makes it the perfect design for high urban noise areas, such as motorways, airports and railway stations.

Yes, Rustique TwinSash windows can be fitted in listed buildings. The Rustique range is ideal for period properties, and for homeowners who want to add additional classic charm to their home. Our TwinSash Windows are available in a number of woodgrain options, which are perfect for homeowners seeking a more traditional appearance.