Halo Rustique Tilt and Turn Window

Ideal for when the authentic look and feel of a traditional sculptured window is desired, but the functionality and performance of a modern PVCU is demanded. With a distinctive two part opening mechanism to allow for either ventilation or full opening; the blend of aesthetics and technology combine to present an inward opening window solution available in a large assortment of colours and woodgrain options from our Variations range.
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Halo Tilt and Turn Window

Halo System 10 Tilt and Turn Window

This Tilt and Turn Window is popular where an inward opening application is required, for instance, where window shutters prevent a window from opening outwards. It operates simply into ‘ventilation mode’, where the top of the sash tilts inwards. On closing the sash and further rotating the handle, the hinge mechanism is engaged which makes the sash swing inwards for an easier and safer way to clean windowpane. Child restrictors and ‘safe’ locking handles provide safety in-use features, as do high-security locking mechanisms. Available in sculptured and bevelled styles, as well as a wide range of colours and ancillaries.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. A BSI notified and BFRC certified Window and Door Energy Performance calculator is given to all installers and fabricators enrolled on certification schemes.
The U-value calculations produced are in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 14351-1, so windows can be CE marked.
The BFRC certified Window and Door Energy Performance Calculator provided by VEKA Group is only valid when using approved VEKA steels. It is based on type test results.

Extremely secure. Tilt and Turn Windows are designed with high security multi-point locking mechanisms, so are ideal for security conscious home or business owners. The windows also come with child safety lock restrictors, while the tilt mechanism ensures they can safely remain open all day.

Our technical team is on hand to provide support whenever you need it. This includes free of charge wind load calculations, which we offer to all customers including fabricators, installers and specifiers. Wind load calculations are vital for proving products can withstand high wind speeds, and will help when costing commercial contract work.

Both windows are ideal for multi-story, high-rise properties. We would recommend the Fully Reversible Window, and its 180-degree opening mechanism, for properties that need a window that can easily be turned inside out for easy cleaning of the external glass. Tilt and Turn also offer excellent ventilation, with a wide opening, but can’t be rotated 180 degrees. They are perfect for properties when inward opening is required.

Halo Windows are made to the highest quality. All our products endure rigorous testing and quality control to ensure a performance level that meets our own exceptionally high standards. Even so, we still offer a 10-year guarantee on all window profiles, hardware and colours.