Rustique offers a comprehensive range of window and door styles for the trade, retail, commercial or the new build fabricator, and installer to offer consumers and clients.

70mm profile

Profile measures 70mm front to back, to ensure a direct replacement with timber windows with minimal trimming or finishing.

Fully interchangeable

The suite is integrated with the System10 70mm chamfer edged systems. This means that the same ancillaries, reinforcements, mouldings and hardware are used, which will help keep your stock holding to a minimum.

Fully integrated and fully versatile

The versatility of an all in one system is that it offers greater opportunities to new markets without increased costs of production switchovers or increased stock holding. It allows for an extensive range of window and door styles to be fabricated and offered to your clients/ customers.

Choice of bead and glazing options 

Designed to accept 24mm, 28mm, 32mm, 36mm* & 40mm* sealed units. The profiles can be fitted with a choice of beads with chamfered or sculptured shape designs.

* Chamfered beads only.

Thermal efficiency

The windows are designed to achieve a WER A rating with a double glazed unit and a standard outer frame. The use of our patented thermal inserts can further improve the WER performance. The system will also achieve U-values as low as 0.8 (equivalent to Code for Sustainable Homes level 6) using the patented thermal insert.

Product applications

The Rustique range allows for the manufacture of casement windows, french and tilt and turn windows, residential doors. Rustique also offers a range of slim sashes for increased glazing and less frame.

Material specification

All Rustique profiles are manufactured from acrylic high impact modified, Polyvinyl Chloride unplasticised compound (PVC-U).

Product Performance and Accreditation

Rustique products have been independently assessed and have achieved accreditation from the British Standards Institute and have achieved BS6375 for weather performance and PAS024:2012 for security.


Five fully enclosed chambers with an increased wall thickness offer additional product strength, rigidity and performance in addition to improved thermal efficiency.

Reinforcement chamber

The additional chamber enables galvanised steel reinforcement to be used for greater strength and rigidity. 

Our unique design for the reinforcement ensures optimum strength and rigidity without compromising thermal efficiency. 

Single leg bead for quick and easy glazing

Our single leg beading has a simple‘knock-in’ design that is fitter friendly and will make glazing on site quick, easy and more positive. The single leg bead has been tested to BS7950 Security enhancement standards.

PCE gasket

Our PCE low level gasket allows quicker fabrication and installation. The heat bonded gasket means that there is no shrinkage or any risk of the incorrect gasket being fitted. It gives a consistency in quality and finish, overcomes any stretching problems and maximises compression. The special design for the gasket channel reduces the risk of hard lumps in corners and allows for the replacement of gaskets in case of damage. It features a new weather seal flipper and a glazing pad for an improved seal.

Low level gasket

Our PCE gaskets are low level, which means they are designed to fit in with the profile so that the maximum glass area is made visible with no unsightly gasket lines.


A wider drainage channel allows for quick drainage of any water and reduced risk of residue build up for an improved performance.

Top hat fixings and screw ports

Hardware and striker keeps are screwed into top hat fixing points and screw ports for an improved technical and enhanced security performance. The system has been tested to PAS024 security standard.

10mm overlap

A 10mm overlap as standard gives an increased weather performance.

Our systems have a simple ‘clip on’ feature for the easy fitting of frame extensions, sills and ancillaries without the need for screw fixings. Most leading brands of hardware are compatible with our systems.

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