Peter Eatough: VEKA’s Unsung Hero wins at G23 Awards

November 30, 2023

It is with immense pride that we announce Peter Eatough as the recipient of the Unsung Hero Award at the G23 Awards. Peter’s remarkable journey with VEKA plc, from his start as an SPC Technician to his current role as Engineering Director, exemplifies his commitment and unparalleled expertise in the fenestration industry – and we’re lucky to have him as part of the VEKA family. 

Peter’s recognition at the G23 Awards is a testament to his integral role at VEKA, where his contributions have been nothing short of foundational. His technical knowledge and brilliant leadership have been instrumental in our company’s continuous innovation and unwavering quality standards. 

Neil Evans perfectly captures Peter’s essence, saying, “The commercial team will always want Pete as part of any major pitch because he is that safe pair of hands. Uniquely, he makes sure the factory works and makes sure the factory gets more work! Pete is so deserving of this award and we’re really proud to have him as part of our team.” 

This accolade is a celebration of Peter’s technical prowess and the quiet confidence he instils in everything he does. His approach mirrors VEKA’s core values—pursuing excellence and nurturing growth. Peter’s win is not just about his professional skills; it’s also about the respect, warmth, and humour he brings to our workplace. 

As we honour this achievement, we are inspired by Peter’s dedication and the subtle, yet significant impact he has on our company and industry. 

Congratulations Peter! You are the true embodiment of VEKA’s spirit, and this award is a recognition of your invaluable contribution and dedication to the business. Thank you. 

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