Paul Armstrong Helps The VEKA UK Group Continue in the Right Direction

February 9, 2016

Operations Director Paul has worked for The VEKA UK Group since July 2013 after spending 15 years working in the Aerospace industry.

Paul said: “I’m extremely proud to officially be a Director at The VEKA UK Group. This is a company I believe wholeheartedly in, and I’m thrilled to have my name up there with the rest of the Board of Directors.

“I’ve overseen a number of really quite significant developments in the relatively short time I’ve been here at The VEKA UK Group.

“2013 saw the Variations colour policy introduced, and this offering removed set-up costs and minimum order quantities for specials. As a result, we saw a huge growth in demand for our laminated product. My focus was then to ensure that we could cope with this demand going forward, and so we developed a plan, invested in new equipment, refurbished existing equipment and increased our headcount to make lamination a 24/5 operation able to respond to customer needs. In 2014, we produced over 10 million metres of laminated product!

“Business growth was experienced across all areas in 2014 and my job was to ensure that VEKA was prepared for this. A new toolroom facility, the mixing plant, a state-of-the-art extrusion facility, along with a dedicated and skilled workforce put The VEKA UK Group in a strong position to meet all of the increased demands we faced, in what was a record year for us.

“Our continuous improvement journey was boosted in 2015 with the recruitment of a Continuous Improvement Manager to ensure that we remain a the forefront of best practice within our operation here at VEKA.

“In the last year, i-2-i training has become a big part of our development. Its worth lies in ensuring that every member of the workforce is listened to, valued and feels that they are able to contribute to business improvement; making the seemingly impossible to achieve, become inevitable.

“It has undoubtedly been an exciting few years and I, for one, can’t wait to see what the coming years will bring. I’m thrilled to have officially become a Director, and I’ll be doing my utmost to keep The VEKA UK Group moving along the same lines it has been for decades: offering high-performance products, backed up by the industry’s finest levels of customer service and support.”

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