Modplan, a long-standing VEKA fabricator and Independent Network member based in Newport, is proud to be one of the earliest adopters of the brand new Imagine Vertical Slider.

International Sales and Marketing Director Justin Williams explains: “When VEKA Group told us about the company’s plans for its ‘next generation’ Vertical Slider we had no hesitation in placing our order and being one of the first to fabricate it.

“There are so many fantastic features on this product, I feel we would have been foolish not to. For a start, there are numerous benefits to Modplan as a fabricator, such as the time and associated cost eliminated by the co-extruded chamber, which means we no longer have to mask and paint during fabrication.

“And there are also a host of benefits to our installation partners, and their customers too, so it really puts us at the ‘top of the tree’ when anyone is looking for high quality Vertical Sliders. The product looks fantastic, with its sculptured detail on the sash and the frame, and the option of mechanical jointing makes it look just like timber.

“Over recent years, we have seen and experienced the growth in demand for coloured systems and the most popular shades from the Variations colour collection are available from stock on the Imagine VS, which means faster turnarounds for us and our customers.

“Today, we know that 75% of windows are replacements of replacements and, rather than swapping simple white casements for… simple white casements, we’ve found that homeowners are keen to invest in added value features such as style, hardware and colour. In fact, VEKA’s manufacturing data highlighted last year that over 40% of sales of the company’s Vertical Sliders are foiled and around a third of those are foiled both sides. The Imagine Vertical Slider allows Modplan to offer an even greater level of style, colour and quality, and helps us to continue supporting our customers in securing those lucrative colour contracts.


“The Imagine Vertical Slider will also ensure that Modplan continues to attract commercial and public sector clients, as specifiers and architects will find a stylish, high spec system that meets all the accreditations they require, and one which is available in a range of colours to create the perfect finishing touch on projects of all kinds, whether classic or contemporary.


“As ever, VEKA Group made the changeover as straightforward as possible. We had minimal downtime and we knew that there was a host of specialist support available should we have needed it.

“I’m confident that the Imagine Vertical Slider will be a really valuable addition to Modplan’s product portfolio and I’m looking forward to sharing it with our installer partners.”



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