Network VEKA says hello to new members from Halo!

June 8, 2015

Previously exclusive to companies using VEKA profile, membership of Network VEKA is coveted throughout the home improvement industry, with only the finest businesses being accepted onto its books. Besides meeting rigorous eligibility criteria, Network members commit to a continuous programme of training and assessment, ensuring they maintain the same high standards demonstrated at their enrolment.

Explaining the shift in eligibility, The VEKA UK Group’s Sales and Marketing Director, Colin Torley commented: “It’s always been a prerequisite of Network VEKA membership that companies commit to using VEKA profile. It forms an essential link in the unbroken chain of quality that enables us to back up all installations with our trademark, ten-year, insurance-backed guarantee.

“It’s only natural that we’ve opened up Network VEKA membership to other branches of The VEKA UK Group. Halo manufactures quality profile that is rightly highly regarded throughout the industry and we have no hesitation in supporting it with the same customer assurances we have for VEKA products.

“An increasing number of The VEKA UK Group’s designs can be fabricated using either VEKA or Halo profiles – the recently introduced Imagine suite of Bi-Fold, French and Patio doors being a case in point. We want Halo customers to have the same support opportunities as VEKA customers – we implemented that parity from the outset of the Approved Installer and Fabricator scheme and, now, are pleased to extend it to Network VEKA.”

The geographic respect that Network VEKA has for its members remains unchanged. Colin continues: “We have a responsibility to ensure that companies have a sufficient area in which to operate without inadvertently being placed in competition with other Network members. As such – and as ever – we are interested in recruiting only quality companies that fill the gaps in our current coverage, giving them the fullest opportunity to maximise the effect of our support.”

Where the Approved Installer Scheme is an entry point to The VEKA UK Group’s support provision, Network VEKA offers the most comprehensive marketing, technical, financial and legal backing of any installer organisation, alongside a training programme, which ensures member companies are continually at the forefront of industry advances and legislation.

Colin concludes: “This is an exciting time – both for Halo fabricators and installers, and Network VEKA too. BMW Building Products and Tradesmith have become the first Network VEKA members to come from the Halo stable – eager to capitalise on the support that has helped Network members grow their businesses at more than twice the market rate in recent years. We welcome them aboard and look forward to a host of others joining soon!”

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