Network VEKA Marketing Portal Proves its Worth

April 8, 2015

undefinedColin Torley, Sales and Marketing Director for The VEKA UK Group explains: “The Marketing Portal is an online facility which we developed to assist our members in creating marketing materials at the click of a button.

“This system is populated with professionally-designed items that are automatically personalised with the member company’s own logo and contact details. There is a wide range of items to choose from, including adverts, brochures, pull-ups, mailers and more and members can further personalise the items themselves with their USP’s or details of special offers.

“Because Network VEKA has already commissioned the creative aspects, all that’s left to pay for is the printing and postage.

“We’re delighted to see that in the last four months alone, the Network VEKA Marketing Portal has supplied more than 15,728 items to members! This is a sure sign that member companies are making good use of the facility and appreciating the benefits it brings.

“Branded workwear and vehicle livery can also be accessed through the portal.”

Steve Hancox, Managing Director of Goliath Homeworld added: “We ordered the new Network VEKA retail brochures through the Marketing Portal, with the accompanying leaflets, personalised with our logo and contact details. We were impressed with all the items available on the system, they are all very professionally designed and ideal for our customer base.”

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