M&M heads to online hub for marketing success

April 8, 2015

The scheme has welcomed around 400 Approved Fabricators, Installers and Suppliers in less than a year and supports businesses in a variety of ways. Besides benefiting through association with the UK’s leading manufacturer of PVC-U window and door systems, other plus points for installers include lead generation from a dedicated homeowner-facing website and access to the Marketing Hub, which features over 100 templates for various marketing materials – all of which can be personalised at the click of a button.

Mike McCoy along with brother Matt and parents Colin and Maureen make up the family team behind M&M Windows. He comments: “It’s barely been two weeks since we placed our order through the online Marketing Hub and, already, we’ve won four jobs off the back of the items we created.

“There’s a massive range of materials to choose from so, on this occasion, we opted for retail brochures and drop cards. I left a stack of cards in the local gym and, within days, we’d won three jobs through the interest they generated.

“My nephew has been out, distributing cards around the local area too. He’s quoted for a further two jobs and we already know we’ve won the contract for one of them.

“We’re especially pleased with the retail brochures. What I particularly like about them is that the system automatically uploads our name, address, contact details and logo, so we can order a print run of bespoke brochures that are clearly ‘ours’ – there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ overprinting. Best of all, it’s all done for us – it couldn’t be easier! Our business is presented as having the support of The VEKA UK Group and, for anyone who knows about their leading position in the industry, that endorsement can only be a good thing!”

The Marketing Hub offers everything an installer could need to present their business in its most professional light. From showroom stands and vehicle liveries to press adverts and vouchers, all items have been professionally designed by an award-winning marketing agency, meaning Approved Installers forgo significant costs while achieving enviable results.

Amy Grundy, National Sales Manager for the Approved Installer Scheme adds: “M&M’s recent successes offer further proof, if any were needed, that this package of support really works for businesses. There’s no charge to join – all we ask is that companies supply CE-Marked products, manufactured by an Approved Fabricator, installed by an MTC-qualified technician and covered by an insurance-backed guarantee.

“As just one tier of support offered by The VEKA UK Group (we also boast the industry’s leading installer organisation, Network VEKA), the Approved Installer Scheme is already registering fantastic results. We can’t wait to see where M&M’s exploration of the materials available will lead them next!”

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