Introducing WinDoPlan: An accelerator of industry progress

October 20, 2020

There has been no better time to launch our latest digital innovation that has been 18 months in the making. Exclusive to VEKA, WinDoPlan is industry changing software that provides access to live technical information 24/7 and is a platform for virtual collaborative working.

WinDoPlan is a digital planning and tendering tool for all processes related to Window & Door specification including calculation and evaluation. This clever software maps the entire technical process online in detail, calculating U-Values and isothermal histories, providing a comparison of planned elements with accreditation results and likely geographical weather conditions. Once complete the specification can be output in one of several formats, (dwg, dxf, docx, pdf). The BIM interface also makes data exchange among all project partners easier.

A first of its kind, WinDoPlan has been designed to give VEKA UK customers quick access to the information they need in the format they need it in 24/7. This impressive software can also be used as a sophisticated virtual presentation tool in demonstrations and pitches, particularly helpful when face to face meetings are not possible.

WinDoPlan was developed by our parent company The VEKA Group in Germany and has already been well received across Europe and Russia. To tailor this for UK systems, we have invested a further €80,000 to create the most sophisticated and comprehensive version in the world. The VEKA Group has also purchased WinDoPlan’s digital developer, adding to its ‘Digital Business Solutions’ portfolio and future proofing the platform.

WinDoPlan can be accessed via the VEKA UK website and if users are already signed in, they are automatically signed into the software, so they don’t have to log-in multiple times. We have produced a comprehensive WinDoPlan training manual and a library of simple training videos to help get customers up and running, cascade training or refer to in the future. Of course, the VEKA UK Technical team will be on hand to help.


What does WinDoPlan do?

  • Thermal calculations of whole windows but broken into component parts with centre pane values, frame values and solar gain coefficients.
  • Calculations based on the specifics of the project including geographical location by postcode, height of the building and distance from the coast.
  • An automated program that identifies if sizes or combinations of components are too large or not possible to produce and lets you know why.
  • An option for simplified calculations based on a standard window and common styles or a bespoke size and style created by you.
  • Creates cross sectional views and 3D images that can be cut where you want, in the colour you choose inside and out, all at the click of a mouse which can then be saved to send to your customer.
  • Provides descriptions of all the profiles you use with images, dimensions and a list of accessories available to fit that profile.
  • It holds live VEKA data on our products and systems – giving accurate specifications and calculations always.
  • It allows users to start a project and come back to it later if needed.
  • Intuitive and easy to use with built-in error warning system.


VEKA UK Marketing Director Dawn Stockell adds,

“AT VEKA we are invested in launching  innovations, be it product related or service related, and in this case a digital service to offer customers a greater level of support. People may think of manufacturing and fenestration as traditional industries, but the skills required to stay ahead of the game are increasingly digital. WinDoPlan is the latest in a series of online developments. Our digital focus means that our customers can access live and accurate information when, where and how they need it, which could make the difference between winning or losing a job.”

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