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The main benefits of casement windows

January 3, 2023

What is a casement window?

Look out of your window and you’ll most likely see a casement window. There’s a very good chance you’ll even be looking through one.

They’re one of the most popular systems on the market, and it’s easy to see why.

Casements – the word ‘casement’ refers to the part of the window that opens – are attached to a frame by one or two hinges, enabling them to open inwards or outwards. Generally, hinges are fixed to the side of the frame although they can be fixed at the top (awning windows) and the bottom (hoppers).

The window is then opened by either a crank, lever or handle that also serves as the window’s lock. In-built restrictor hinges are also often part of the design, helping keep outward-opening windows in place during strong winds.

Primary benefits of modern casement windows

  1. Safe and secure. Casement windows are renowned for their exceptional security features, and are considered one of the most secure window systems available. Once closed, the frame on a casement window is tightly sealed meaning it can’t be forced open from the outside, not even with a crowbar. Extra locks can always be added.
  2. Easy to manoeuvre. Casement windows are incredibly easy to operate, opening and closing smoothly each time thanks to their hinge configuration. This makes them a highly practical choice for buildings where elderly people live. The straightforward handle mechanism means that even in hard to reach places, such as over the sink or behind a piece of furniture, they can still be opened with ease. They are also extremely low maintenance.
  3. Extremely energy efficient. Who doesn’t want lower energy bills? While fixed pane windows offer the best insulation for homes and buildings, casement windows come a very close second. This is because they provide a flush-fitting, airtight seal around all four sides of the window when fully closed, which not only stops heat from escaping, but also prevents cold air from entering.
  4. Supreme ventilation. Unlike other windows that only open partially, casements allow for maximum ventilation thanks to their unrivalled opening capabilities. No other window styles open as fully as the casement system, which is a big advantage if you’re somebody who likes a lot of fresh air in their home.
  5. Versatility. Casement windows can be hinged to open inwards, outwards; from the left, from the right, and from the top or the bottom. Simply put, they’re incredibly versatile. This makes them an ideal choice for a large number of residential and commercial buildings. They can also be designed to fit any style of property, historic or contemporary, and be made to fit almost any height and width.
  6. Unobstructed views. It doesn’t matter whether they’re open or shut, casement windows offer wonderfully unobstructed views due to the fact the only thing separating you and the outside world is a pane of glass. Placed alongside each other on a wall, they can deliver even more expansive views, which coupled with the amount of natural light they let in, can completely change the whole atmosphere of a room.
  7. Noise reduction. There are few things more annoying than the sound of traffic, loud music, or dogs barking, while you’re trying to relax in your home. Casement windows provide a more than effective barrier to bothersome noise pollution thanks to that airtight fitting that helps stop sound from leaking in as well as cold air. Combined with high-quality double or triple glazed glass, casements can make for a far quieter working or living environment.
  8. Customisation. There’s a whole host of different finishes and colour options (from whites and creams, to anthracite grey and rosewood) available for casement windows. Numerous design choices afford homeowners even more flexibility when it comes to personalising a certain space, with a wide variety of glazing options also available.


Casement windows are a highly functional and aesthetically appealing type of window that boast extensive security features, impressive energy efficiency, premium hardware and excellent ventilation.

Our VEKA Casement Windows range is fully compliant with the latest building regulations, and product testing standards.
They are built to withstand all weather conditions, and their immense durability does not come at the expense of style.
With unlimited options for personalisation courtesy of our Variations range, VEKA Casement Windows are a hugely popular choice with both installers and homeowners.