Homeowners are ‘Assured’ of energy ratings

October 9, 2015

Here at The VEKA UK Group, we know our installers understand the value of displaying WERs in this immediately recognisable form.

People have come to ‘expect’ this certificate, and it’s even becoming quite rare to find businesses or homeowners satisfied with anything other than ‘A’ ratings or better in their installations.

Customers may choose their new window and door systems based primarily on size, style or colour preferences, but energy efficiency remains an essential aspect to tick off the list of considerations. In fact, the energy savings that they could achieve on current bills could effectively pay for an upgrade on style or colour etc.

The Assure Rating Register offers VEKA and Halo customers a cost-effective way to produce the WER and DSER licences that homeowners look for, at a fraction of the cost you’d be expected to pay through other certification bodies.

These licences include the installer’s details, proving the company’s commitment to quality and product performance and reinforcing their brand to the customer.

The end-user can rest assured that the windows installed were the energy-efficient ones they specified thanks to the official, branded certificate provided.

Since 2010 there’s been a legal requirement for installers to prove that any newly fitted windows and doors exceed a minimum energy rating of ‘C’. Verifiable energy ratings are therefore crucial not only for installers to be compliant but also to promote their products to the market. Assure has hit the mark once again with the Assure Rating Register.

The VEKA UK Group already enables fabricators and installers to generate U-Values, free of charge, via the innovative BSI notified and BFRC certified window and door energy performance calculator unveiled last year. Many customers might be content to continue using this system in isolation, and installers could use the certificates provided by their fabricators.

However, the Assure Rating Register allows installers to further market themselves by providing WER and DSER certificates that feature their individual company details, leaving customers with a lasting, professional impression of their business.

Aside from the Rating Register, the UKAS-accredited Competent Person’s Scheme, Assure provides a raft of benefits for its members, such as self-certification for Building Regulation-compliance, subsidised NVQ qualifications, assessment for Minimum Technical Competencies and more.

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