New Year, New Lockdown, New Perspective

Neil Evans gives us a view of the world whilst in the midst of a lockdown.

A recap of 2020.

The highs and lows 2020, including our exciting launches and not so exciting factory shutdown.

What's coming up in 2021.

FIT Show 2021, Independent Network members weekend and our latest innovations.

New Year, New Lockdown, New Perspective

We are in a good position facing the future with fearless optimism, but a newly earned respect for the need to be able to flex our strategy and be nimble in these extraordinary times.  We are committed to supporting our customers as the ripples of the pandemic continue to provide aftershocks not only for our industry, but for the economy as a whole. 

As a business, and as management team, we have a shared ruthless focus owhere we want to be by 2025 and how we’re going to get there, whilst remaining mindful that there will be some unexpected twists and turns along the way. Our plans are ambitious, but sustainable, as we will never put the stability of the business or people at risk.

VEKA has done a great job of maintaining a good level of performance despite difficult circumstances, but there is always room for improvementThe year ahead will see VEKA concentrating on further innovation and driving improvement for the industry, not forgetting continuing to ensure the business is a great place to work and always keeping customer service at its heart.

Standing still is effectively going backwards, and that has never been an option for me or VEKA. We operate in a competitive environment and to remain a leading business in our sector in these challenging times, we must be flexible and nimble in our approach. We know where we are going, we have learnt from the events in 2020; we know what we are going to achieve and as a team we will tackle 2021 as part of our 2025 strategic plan not only with energy & positivity, but with a clear call to action.

Neil Evans, VEKA plc Managing Director

2020 has been a year like no other and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank our customers, employees, suppliers and friends for your custom and service. Because of your involvement and dedication this year, our future looks bright in 2021. Let’s take a look back on 2020…

We unveiled WinDoPlan, our industry changing software that provides access to live technical information, launched a brand new Print & PDF Hub, hosted a virtual Independent Network members weekend, restructured our management team and welcomed Amy Steven, Matthew Adaway and Paul Kennington to new Director roles, together with Khaleel Mahmood we supported almost 200 local families with food parcels to bring a little Christmas cheer. And of course, Dave Jones handed over the reins to Neil Evans to take the business into its next phase of development.

Despite our 42-day closure due to the Pandemic, we have celebrated many positives this year and we’re remaining optimistic that a version of normality will soon resume which will allow us to meet with you, our valued customers.



Our year in numbers.

Asset 6

In 2020 our top selling colour was Anthracite Grey. Rosewood came in second and White a close third.


45% of all profile sales were laminated. See which came out on top on the image above.


In 2020 we laminated OVER 10 million metres of profile. That’s almost enough to take us from VEKA UK to VEKA Argentina!


After introducing our ultramatt surface technology, SPECTRAL, to our Variations range, we now have 31 colour combinations.


We extruded OVER 25 million metres of profile! That’s enough profile to circle half of the globe.


Our top three products were Sculptured, Chamfered and our Patio Door.


Our customer service team processed 32,305 orders for our fabricators.


Over half of our customers placed orders via our online E-Shop order system, have you made the switch?


The average order value of a consumer lead for Independent Network was £5473.68.


We delivered 294,365 line items to our fabricators, impressive considering one line item could be 100 lengths of profile!


Our 14 vehicles made 10,500 deliveries.

800,000 MILES

Those 14 vehicles covered a grand total of 800,000 miles.


During 2020 we provided 30,000 facemasks to our valued employees.


We also provided 800 visors ensuring our teams were working safely.


We used 1000 litres of hand gel here at VEKA PLC, that’s over 200 gallons.


The VEKA Recycling division recycled around 155,000 tonnes  in 2019/2020.


The amount of circulated water in 2020 in our extrusion department was  2.302.048 m³/a, to be specific!


Since 2014 we have seen a 40%+ reduction in CO2 across our UK site.


We launched our new, innovative, online solution, WinDoPlan, which is now available to 100% of our customers and will be available to thousands of our commercial customers in 2021!


Our VEKA website received 176,764 visits in 2020.


There were 26,576 downloads including technical documents and brochures from our website.


We hit 25,198 followers across VEKA and Independent Network social media channels.


Our videos across VEKA and Independent Network social media channels reached 105,278 views.

Social Engagement

Total engagements across VEKA social media channels in 2020 was a whopping 55,130.


In 2020 we celebrated a total of 210 years of service for people who have worked at VEKA for 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 years!


Our almost 400 employees hold an average of 7 years service between them.

Clic Sargent-29

In loving memory of a valued colleague & friend our chosen charity for 2020 and 2021 is Clic Sargent.

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What is coming up in 2021

Asset 21

The pandemic has forced all businesses to embrace digital technology, whether that be to facilitate communications, collaborative remote working or driving process efficiencies through greater connectivity.

VEKA is continually investing in its products and services to bring customers innovations and digital solutions. We have prioritised some projects that will make it easier for our customers to do business in a new way.

This includes the development of ‘WinDoPlan’, our new and exclusive online specification, planning and virtual presentation tool currently available to fabricators and soon to be available to specifiers. Allowing flexibility to this customer group will mean a more efficient process for both the Architect/Specifier and Fabricator.

CSR is a key objective for VEKA and we will further demonstrate our commitment as we transitions our eco-product ‘Infinity’ to long term commitment to introduce an increased recycled material throughout our product range.

Our new Variations 2021 policy details an ex-stock range that reflects the colours you sell, covering 96% of our laminated sales across 31 colour combinations from a palette of 15 colours. And this year, due to popular demand, we have added our exclusive ultra matt SPECTRAL in Anthracite Grey.

We’re dedicated to making things simple, all our wall charts, manuals and brochures are available on our website and new for 2021 you’ll also find a simpler guide to using our lamination charts.

Our new mechanically jointed moulding for VEKA and Halo Flush Sash windows, ProJoin, is currently being rolled-out. Developed with you in mind, this solution is easier to fabricate, reduces milling operations and a shorter cycle time reduces manufacturing costs. Please contact your BDM for more information.

As we are all aware the constant disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic across the world means we have to cautiously plan for the future, restrictions permitting, we will also be exhibiting at the 2021 FIT show and will be hosting our annual Independent Network members weekend.

Our plans aren’t just about 2021, we’re planning for the future! Whether it’s new product developments, new and more efficient on-site equipment and continuous improvements or innovative digital solutions we are committed to building our and your business for our long term success.We’re proud to champion change and with our refreshed company values, launched in January 2021, We Care | We Act is the essence of what we do and why.

2021 will see us facing new challenges, developing new opportunities but most importantly working with you, our customers, to create a new way of thinking. Whatever 2021 holds, we will be ready and here, as always, with a safe pair of hands.

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Looking to the future...

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Digital made 2020 possible and it is going to play an even more important role in 2021

With online platforms becoming the only way for businesses to sell and consumers to buy in 2020 we have seen a massive increase in user’s abilities. Very few people now are as nervous of technology as they once were and, in fact, their confidence in a safe, secure and easy transaction online has grown hugely. We will see this grow even more in 2021 as many retailers have moved online and find the processes more efficient and effective. I see this translating into our industry and allowing us to really change the way we market and sell not only to our customers, but to our customer’s customers.

Jessica Husband , Digital Marketing Manager, VEKA PLC

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Paul Armstrong
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VEKA continues to invest in its future, embracing technology to ensure the best service for our customers

VEKA continues to invest in its future, embracing technology wherever possible to ensure the best service for our customers in the most efficient and sustainable way possible. 2021 sees a £1.25M investment in our automated high bay warehousing facility, keeping the technology employed here at the very latest standard which will deliver operational improvements whilst realising a reduction in energy consumption. Following huge investment in VEKA Recycling at the new site in Wellingborough, new equipment has just been commissioned and here at VEKA in Burnley we are busy adapting tooling and extrusion lines to be able to utilise additional volume of these recycled PVC materials – this is not only part of the sustainability journey the industry in on, but due to worldwide short supplies of PVC resin it will be a key factor in our success this year.

Paul Armstrong, Operations Director, VEKA PLC

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