Specialist Products (Trade Extrusion)

No! In the UK VEKA has extrudes bespoke profiles for many customers across a wide range of product types and markets, and has done so for many years; VEKA continues to invest in developing and growing this important aspect of our UK business, we just don’t shout about it as maintaining customer confidentiality is paramount.

VEKA can extrude products in whatever colour is required; we use masterbatch technology which means that with the exception of whites and creams, we add colour pigment on the extrusion line, eliminating any risk of contamination in the compound mixing process and enabling us to do shorter runs. VEKA UK also has a lamination plant on  our Burnley site enabling us to laminate product with colour foils from VEKA’s own SPECTRAL range, as well as brands such as Renolit and HornSchuch.

VEKA can extrude products from rigid PVC-U in either 100% virgin form, or co-extruded using a mixture of recycled material – usually for the base or core – In combination with a UV-stable virgin skin. We can also extrude material from 100% recycled PVC-U where weatherability is not required. In addition, we can co-extrude gasket seals on the extrusion line.

VEKA UK has 34 extrusion lines with a production capacity of 80kg per hour up to 500kg per hour, with line speeds of over 5 metres per minute; this means we can produce anything from a small trim or glazing bead of around a couple of centimetres in width and height, up to large hollow profiles over 200mm wide such as deck board, posts, fence panels, and of course window and door profiles.

Any! If it can be extruded from rigid PVC-U then we can most likely extrude it, but typically our materials and processes are suited to products such as electrical conduit and trunking, decking, fencing and barriers for a wide range of applications, construction products, caravans, park homes and modular buildings, as well as the window and door systems that we are best know for.

The global VEKA Group has extensive tooling design and manufacturing capabilities, as well as comprehensive in house maintenance services, including at our UK facility in Burnley, however we do also partner with the world’s leading extrusion tooling manufacturers on a global basis, ensuring that we have all of the resources to provide the solution that works best for our customers. We can also support customers by funding tooling upfront and then agreeing a payback scheme over time.

Yes, customers must accept full design liability but VEKA has extensive in-house CAD facilities and 3D prototyping to support any new product design and development.

Generally yes, subject to the age and condition of the tooling, and we have extensive experience of taking existing tooling from customers. If you have existing tooling that you may want to transfer to VEKA we would need sight of the tooling in advance. We provide comprehensive and ongoing tooling care and maintenance in house regardless of who owns the tool.

No, however with extrusion there are obvious economies of scale and depending on the size of the product there will be an optimum minimum extrusion “run” and for the purposes of supply and delivery there will be minimum stillage or pallet quantities, but we can quickly and easily advise if your requirements are economical to produce.

Yes by prior agreement; this depend on the annual volumes, packaging and delivery arrangements, as well as any agreed service levels. We can also extrude parts on a “made-to-order” basis. VEKA typically delivers extrusion nationally on our own fleet of vehicles for complete peace of mind.


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