Specialist Products (Compound)

VEKA produces rigid dry-blend (powder) virgin PVC-U compound in shades of white, cream and natural; the natural material can be coloured by adding masterbatch on the extrusion line; if customers are not familiar with this technology then we can provide guidance.

VEKA will typically supply a 22-bag load with 1 bag being approximately 1 metric tonne, and this can be delivered on transport arranged by VEKA. A full 22-bag load can comprise a mix of different formulations, and smaller loads can be produced for collection by the customer. Compound is typically made to order with a 3-4 working day lead-time, however we can also hold stock of customer specific formulations by prior agreement.

Our dedicated compound mixing plant in Burnley produces virgin PVC-U material only, however our subsidiary – VEKA Recycling based in Wellingborough – can supply recycled PVC-U pellets in white and grey: https://www.veka-compounds.uk/

Our in-house laboratory can formulate material to the customers specified performance level, including processing temperatures, impact resistance and UV stability, supported by extensive inbound and outbound materials testing, as well as complete batch traceability.

VEKA mixes all PVC-U compound formulations in our dedicated multi-component mixing plant located on our main UK site in Burnley, Lancashire.

Simply complete the enquiry form on the website or email ismith@veka.com today for a detailed consultation.

Our advanced on-site laboratory and multi-component mixing plant enables us to develop and test customer specific formulations in-house plus we can carry out trial runs of  compound on site using our own extruders prior to sending to customers for their own trials.


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