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We strive to provide homeowners with as many options as possible when it comes to choosing the types of VEKA products and ranges that work within their home.

From something specific like grey UPVC windows and doors, to the types of window systems used such as sliding or noise-reduction options, we’re confident that our registered VEKA installers can work with you to provide the exact products you’re looking for.

Stains or marks on PVCU windows or doors that cannot be removed with warm soapy water may be removed with a non-abrasive domestic cleaner. However, these may not be used to excess as they may affect the gloss finish. For products with a colour or woodgrain finish, you will need to contact your installer to recommend a product for cleaning the products.

In the unfortunate event of a problem occurring with your installation, contact the installer of your products in the first instance.

No, VEKA is a PVCU extrusion manufacturer, we manufacture the PVCU profile that is then used by fabricators to make windows and doors which can then be installed into your home, we don’t manufacture any windows or doors at VEKA. Follow the link below to find a local installer of our products and services. Click here to find your nearest installerOr visit our homeowner site here.

VEKA plc has a range of systems each with a set of products designed specifically for the UK market. Click this link for an installer in your area who will be able to recommend a product for your project. We also have a range of brochures detailing information on each product available and a dedicated homeowner site.

PVCU windows and doors can be cleaned with warm soapy water.

If you would like products from a particular system, we can recommend an installer in your area who installs the exact product you are looking for. Fill in the Find an Installer form or contact salesenquiry@veka.com for more information.

VEKA plc extrudes profile for the manufacture of windows and doors. You will need to contact your installer to find out which hardware manufacturer their fabricator used. You can normally check your hardware for manufacturer branding.

Yes! Visit our INVEKA website to discover the colour options available to you. Remember we also provide ‘made to order’ stock so if you’ve got a specific request please speak to your local Independent Network installer about how they can help you!

VEKA plc has a range of doors including Residential Doors, Imagine Bi-Fold Door, Imagine Patio Door and the Imagine French Door. Fill in this form specifying ‘Doors’ to find installers in your area.  Click here to find your nearest installer.


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