We have recently published VEKA UK’s first report on corporate social responsibility. As a major business in Lancashire, and part of one of the world’s largest PVCu systems company, we decided we needed to do more to show how we measure our impacts, and what we are doing to address any issues and operate more sustainably.

The CSR report is just the beginning, a starting point from which we can demonstrate our commitment to people, the environment and the community we operate in. And of course, at the same time, we will continue to develop and produce products that shape living spaces, one window, door and home at a time.

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Making a better day for everyone

“Our values are wrapped up in the fact that we’re part of a family owned business. It’s something that we’re proud of because it means that unlike many businesses, we don’t take a short-term view on investments and we don’t have conflicting demands made on our capital from shareholders.

“Instead we’re steady, we’re stable, and we’re sustainable, and that’s the sort of outlook that our customers want. I guess you could say we’re brilliantly boring!” Dave Jones, Managing Director.

Managing our impacts

From the amount of energy we use on our production lines, to the lighting in our offices and the performance of our vehicles on the road, we’re committed to managing the impact of our business and reducing our carbon footprint.

We’re also doing clever things to cut waste, from fine-tuning production processes to developing new product lines that use recycled materials, ensuring that as little PVCu ends its life in landfill as possible.

Controlling the loop

People talk much more about sustainability and recycling these days. But there’s still a job to be done communicating to consumers about what we mean by a recycled window. It’s not something that’s been taken out and refurbished, it’s something that’s been completely broken down and rebuilt. Recycled products didn’t have a great reputation but that’s all changed now.

Ongoing investment and development allows VEKA Recycling to continually look at their waste streams and explore new partnerships that will help to develop more innovative ideas around recycling as well as reducing waste.

Our people are our most valuable asset

While nowadays it may sound cliched to describe employees as a company’s greatest asset, it’s still something that rings true. At VEKA UK, we rely heavily on the skilled people of Lancashire, and we set out to inspire and support this home-grown talent, helping our people to flourish, no matter what their position, role or task.

Elevating our communities

At VEKA UK we see ourselves as part of the community, we’re Burnley through and through. Encouraging our employees to support local causes is part of our make-up, and of our responsibility to the town.

It’s not a box ticking exercise, it’s something that comes right from the heart of the business. Each of our directors has a specific role linked to CSR. It allows them to use their skills and expertise outside of the business, and with the help of their teams give something back to the community, where so many of our employees live

Our commitment

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were launched in 2015 by the United Nations as a way of addressing some of the major issues the world is facing. They cover everything from ending poverty and hunger, to gender equality, via sustainable cities and, of course, climate change.

Through our every day actions, our products, our partnerships and the way in which we do business, we believe we can have a positive impact on helping to achieve five of these goals that are outlined in our report.